The Move

About two weeks after I decided to drastically change my life and everyone else’s (most especially my hubby’s), I arrive here in Norwalk, Connecticut. Going back the past few days before “The Move”, friends have been so generous with their time and support and prayers, not to mention the going away presents that just tugged at my heart strings. I was and still am so deeply appreciative of everything that it almost made me sentimental about leaving town.

So, my husband and I left Melbourne on a gloomy and overcast morning, got into cold and windy Georgia, drove through South Carolina without much incident and called it a night in Raleigh, North Carolina. The following morning, we headed north onwards to Virginia, then Baltimore and then to heavy traffic in New Jersey and New York. The last few hours were the hardest! I knew my husband was super tired but he just kept on driving and waited patiently for the cars to move. Not once did he complain nor honk his horn. He would sigh several times though and that was just about the only sign I can tell from him that he wanted us to get there already. 

“Are we there yet?”

Finally, after about twenty hours on the road total (we broke the trip into two days), we get to my friend’s home in Norwalk. This will be my new temporary home for the next thirteen weeks.

I am very grateful that they opened up their home to me. Being new to this place, the transition would make it somewhat easier if a familiar face was there to help you and show you the way. As a novice travel nurse, I couldn’t ask for more!

So, in the course of this assignment, I will try to share with you my weekly musings and random thoughts and of course, the lessons I have learned from this whole “travel nursing experience”.  I hope and pray that they are good ones, and if I fall, I will have to learn to stand up and be brave and move on, as with life and everything else.

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