Week Two: On My Own

After two weeks out here in Connecticut, I have learned two things: that in the Merritt Parkway, the 55 speed limit is simply a suggestion to drivers and that there will always be lazy people wherever you go.

The following day or two of driving, I attempted to do a 70 this time, not sustained but at short intervals and yet, people are still whizzing by past me. I think they were doing a 90! Oh boy! That’s where I draw the line. At night, most especially when the roads are wet, I drive safe and slow (at least a 60), my hands clutching the steering wheel so tight and my body sitting up ramrod straight for 12 miles. Not until then after I exit do I give a huge sigh of relief, say a quick silent prayer and release my death hold from my steering wheel.

At work, there were some issues with certain access codes and computer charting but that was for all the hired travelers throughout the hospital. I was already on my own and that made doing our work independently somewhat hard and encumbered having to constantly ask someone to help you out with access. They eventually ended up fixing the glitches. Of course, I had a million questions to bug everyone with and they were more than happy to answer all of them. That’s what happens when you only have two days of floor orientation. When you’re a travel nurse, you get thrown into the arena right away.

Patients are the same wherever you go. They have the same disease processes, signs and symptoms and to some extent, same interventions. What varies are the facility policies and procedures and the staff that work there. For the most part, the staff were really very helpful to me and very patient considering it was my first assignment. But there are always a few rotten apples. You just learn how to deal with them. Laziness is my number one pet peeve at work. Sorry, but if my first impression of you is laziness, it will have to take so much for me to think otherwise.

At the end of my day, which is usually what you normal people call breakfast and I call it a night, I try to eat healthy and look at my “Florida” happy mug and think that Life is Good!

I will be turning 40 at the end of week two in Connecticut. Stay tuned for a special birthday post and watch out for “senti and emo” moments.

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