Birthday Blues

My birthday fell on a Saturday this year which made it quite convenient for us. Weekends are always almost easier to manage. And to top it off, I got lucky too that I was off for that weekend considering that I am new to the unit and the work schedule was already finalized without me having any say as to which days I work and don’t work.

I wasn’t really looking forward to this day. Most birthdays you get all hyped up and excited. Not that I’m a party person either because I rarely throw parties (the last one was last year when my parents came over to the US for a visit). I would much rather celebrate it quietly in a nice quaint restaurant or go some place new I haven’t been before. Because it will be my 40th, I have requested for a surprise trip from the hubby months before. He said he will take care of it and just to make sure I get my days off. So that I did. Little did we know that our lives will be changed in just a few months after that conversation. Funny how life has a way of dealing our cards. Suffice it to say, because of this travel nursing assignment that I took which drastically changed both our lives, my dreams of flying away to some unknown land and celebrating my birthday with foreign locals has fizzled. That was a major downer. However, looking at the bright side of things, I get three days off! Plan B to the rescue!

So hubby came on a Friday afternoon. He had only two days to spare. After much internal debate, a part of me wanted to just sulk and stay put and the other part wanted to go out and do something, I finally decided to go to this local spa resort. For one, the idea of a good massage always perks me up. I was in dire need of one after all the stress!

We drive north for almost an hour, got stuck in Friday rush traffic and then eventually get to this sleepy town of Westbrook. Just my cup of tea! No tourist crowds, no long lines.


The couple’s spa was amazing. The hubby snored in the middle of it all. I wish I was that relaxed. I just have a hard time falling asleep when someone is touching you, no matter how great your massage therapist is.

resort’s beachfront

We made reservations for dinner at the resort’s restaurant. We both didn’t want to go out that night and just decided to chill in the hotel after the massage. The restaurant had good reviews so why not? I had the chilean sea bass and it was just perfect. Hubby had the seafood risotto. We also had the calamari and the crab cakes as appetizers. I am a big fan of crab cakes and of anything and everything related to crabs. It was a lovely quiet dinner and the service was impeccable. A lady two tables away was celebrating her birthday with the staff bringing a cake slice with a lighted candle and singing happy birthday. I normally don’t order dessert but I had fish so it was light on my tummy and I had spare room for sweets. I got the creme brûlée. The next thing I saw was the staff coming towards our table with my creme brûlée all lighted up with a candle and singing happy birthday to me. Okay, I told the reservations people when I first called that my birthday wasn’t until Saturday. So, we can always celebrate it a day before right? And then a few minutes later, another lady had the lighted cake-happy birthday from staff treatment too. My hubby goes, anyone else? What a coincidence three people celebrating at the same restaurant. It was a good night. My next surprise came when we were ready for the check, the waitress informed us that it has been taken care of. It took us a split second of confusion before the words sunk in and my husband asked her to clarify. Someone else already paid for our dinner. Lightbulb moment! My first words, “I’m gonna kill her”. No one else knew where we were but my best friend and her family.

The next day, we went outlet shopping for a couple of hours and then proceeded to drive to Mystic, a historic seaport. I’ve read about Mystic from a Photography Magazine a couple of years back. The Mystic Seaport is the nation’s largest maritime museum and this was where we spent our afternoon. Strolling lazily along, discovering new things and taking some photos until it was time to go. We asked about Mystic Pizza (for movie buffs who are Julia Robert’s fans you’ll know what I’m talking about) but it didn’t come highly recommended by the locals.





Back in the hotel, we rested for a bit, then went out for dinner at the buffet of Mohegan Sun casino as suggested by a friend. We waited for about 30 minutes just to pay and then more waiting in line to get to be seated. For the price that we paid and the long wait, I cannot say that it was worth it. The food was just ordinary, nothing to write home about. Hubby was super disappointed that there was no steak station. The rest of the people appeared contented though. I just felt mostly disgusted looking at all the slightly obese to the dangerously obese people who were dining there. They didn’t seem to care at all! Ugh!


Because my husband and I don’t gamble, we decided to call it a night. The place was just too noisy and crowded and smoke filled to my liking. It was sensory overload big time. At least I can say that I’ve been to the famous Mohegan Sun with its interesting architecture and interior decorations made to resemble its natural surroundings of rock and water and sky.

Capping off our night, we came back to another surprise – bubbly champagne and chocolate covered strawberries! Thanks to my best friend, she tried to make my day special.

At least now I can say my birthday is over. Happy 40th to me!



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