Week Three: Little Doses of Reality


* I miss seeing my toes. This is the longest time that I haven’t really seen my bare feet except for when I’m in the shower or when changing my socks. Living in a cold place does that. I bet my toes are as pale as my tush! When oh when is flip-flops season?

* They call hospital gowns Johnny coats??? I did a quick google search and yes they are indeed Johnny coats but never have I heard this term being used in my old hospital in Florida. Must be a New England thing.

* I took my vehicle to the car wash for the very first time. And I had fun doing it. In fairness, that particular car wash looked like a mini amusement park from the 80s complete with moving mannequins. Hilariously creepy.

* Taking the Metro North to New York City is an enjoyable experience. I feel so cosmopolitan. Small town Florida girl going to the big city!

* The snow is all melted and lots of birds can be seen. Probably getting ready for nesting season. Cant wait to see spring in action!

* I’m currently reading Divergent right now, not even halfway done. I’m sorry but I am stuck in the boring part, I just want the action right away. Or maybe I should just skip the book and go watch the movie. Not as exciting and as page-turning as the Hunger Games was though.

* I realize that, after three weeks of making it out on my own (I live with my best friend and her family, yes, but that’s different), I would really love to travel together with my hubby. I could probably do a week without him but after that, it gets harder and harder. And yes, I’m counting down.

* My best friend’s kids (take note: all three boys) like my cooking! 🙂

* Driving home from work is quite a challenge as I get so sleepy on the road. The stop and go traffic does not help at all. I never used to be like this back home in Florida. Chewing gum, cranking up the volume, singing out loud, talking to myself, slapping myself or rolling down the car windows, I have all done. Any other useful tips to stay awake while driving?

2 thoughts on “Week Three: Little Doses of Reality

  1. Belle, pack an orange on your lunch and save it to snack on while driving home, that will help. I can say that when I worked in Ontario, the term was a Johnny gown, regional adaptation I suppose. How nice that you can share your cooking with the boys, Believe me, suddenly your assignment will be complete.


    1. I remember you gave me an orange once too. I guess I will have to peel it first before I drive because I definitely can’t peel and drive. Ha! Johnny gown just sounds so funny. When I’m not super tired and I’m not working, I try to contribute in the meals department. The boys liking them is just an added bonus considering that they’re picky eaters. Hope everything is well with you!


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