Week Five: In Sickness and In Health…

So, I got sick on Week Five. Still am. To those who know me, I rarely get sick. It must be the weather and the changing seasons. It could be from a patient at the hospital. Or from all the stress of adjusting to this so-called travel nurse life. Or maybe because I got THAT mandatory flu shot! Who knows?

It started while I was at work. My throat just started getting so itchy and scratchy at first I thought I was just so thirsty so when I finished a whole bottle of water and it still wasn’t relieved, then I figured this was something else. The next day I had pain while swallowing and still my throat felt so scratchy despite the saline gargles. Tylenol at least helped with the discomfort. Working made it worse. I was close to losing my voice and dry coughing at small frequent intervals. I was already taking meds then. But you know you just couldn’t call in sick! Not when you’re sick…every nurse knows that. You only call in sick for some other reason EXCEPT when you are actually sick. How’s that for an insider secret! You could be dying and yet you still insist on working. Hah!

I hope Week Six brings me back to good health. I hate being sick.

2 thoughts on “Week Five: In Sickness and In Health…

  1. Lots of people have been out sick this year on 5W. Maybe it was the flu shot- who knows. Hope you feel better soon. Miss you so much.


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