Week Six: Perfectly Imperfect and Flawed

Have you ever happened to look at an old photo and then, suddenly without warning, it evokes such strong and powerful emotions inside you?



Be it happy, sad, funny or angry. Whatever your reaction to the photo at the moment, you start to think if we really are a product of our pasts or is the past simply the past and those memories are best preserved in our hearts. Or am I giving too much meaning to this all?

When you got nothing but time on your hands, introspection and self awareness come into play. They can either be your best friends or your worst enemies. There is nothing like being your own worst critic. I know because I am. Inasmuch as I can be very highly critical of others, I am almost unforgiving to myself. And it is in this that I am at a quandary. I know nobody is perfect ~ yes, this is the perfect cliche…. but I am human and I am 100% flawed. I love it and I hate it.

Who would have known that a simple photograph would do that? People take pictures all the time, snapshots, images, selfies, what have you….They are there to remind us of the past, present and the future. They are taken to remind us that we are just human and we do have our moments and our milestones. And then, we move on…

** I know I’m behind on my blogging. Week Seven should hopefully be in the works.

Have a Blessed Week to all!!!!

So, what do you think?

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