Week Nine: Lost and Found

Where would we be without the GPS? I know where I would be… lost! And yet, despite this modern navigational wonder, I would still get lost! I miss my exits… I don’t know where to find parking… I take the wrong lanes… My biggest thing though is missing the exits. That is why I always leave early to make room for my driving fiascos, EVEN with the GPS.


I almost missed my train to New York one time because I was going around in circles trying to look for parking, and then figuring out how to work the parking meter and buy train tickets all at the same breath. Luckily the train was a few minutes late and I made it to what I thought was the correct train track only to realize (I overheard a commuter ask someone if this was the track to Grand Central) that I was on the WRONG one! Another mad dash ensued to get to the tract right across from where I was earlier. Oh boy, the train gods were good to me that day!

After a while, I get so used to my GPS saying “recalculating” after I failed to follow her (our GPS is a “she”) instructions many times. I wonder if they get frustrated too?

One time, my friend and I were meeting for lunch and she asked me how come I left home early when the drive was only 30 minutes away. Well, she doesn’t know me and my accurate sense of navigation. And I was correct. When I got to the place where we were supposed to meet, I was ecstatic I didn’t miss my exits or my turns but I had a hard time finding parking that I had to park at the train station parking lot to call her and ask for suggestions where to park. But when you are in a place where people park mostly on the streets and good parking space is so hard to come by, where everywhere you park, you pay (we pay $1.75 a day at the parking garage at work, promise!), where parking space is so so very tiny that your parking skills are put to the test and at the same time risk getting dents and scratches on your car, you have no other choice but to go with the flow. I still suck at parallel parking though.

But getting lost never really bothered me at all. In fact, I enjoy getting lost because I get to know another route and I get to see new things along the way. For as long as I am not running late or not going to an important appointment, I try not to stress out too much when that all too familiar “recalculating” voice speaks up….

What can I say, I’m just a Florida girl who misses her wide open free parking spaces!!!

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