Week Ten: Work Updates… I Am Working Here After All

It has been a whole ten weeks of working here in Connecticut. Time either flies so fast or so slow, depending on how you look at it. The EMR conversion at St. Vincent Hospital has been successful (the reason I was hired) with a lot of scared grumpy staff nurses and doctors trying to resist the change. There has been a lot of issues with the new computer system, from the very technical ones to something as “silly” as charting, but that is expected with anything new. Everyone is just so stressed out and here I am, an outsider quietly observing everyone trying to deal with this big change and all the hoopla that came with it. And I am amused.


Haven’t I moved a thousand miles away from home to “help” their hospital merge seamlessly into this federally mandated computer charting system? Haven’t I have to adjust to the cold winters here, bundling up in layers and learning how to start the car ahead of time and then driving the winding roads with the drivers going way past the speed limit? Haven’t I have to deal with an hour long traffic to get home? Haven’t I have to be oriented to their hospital, learn how to chart and how the unit works in two days and then unlearn everything I have learned for the past two months because I have to learn the new charting system? Haven’t I left my husband alone in Florida to fend for himself for thirteen weeks? THAT should be stressing me out, right?

I would be fooling myself if I would say that I wasn’t. I may appear calm and collected but I have dealt with it in my own way. However, the stress is manifesting itself through the hundreds of white hairs that seem to have grown overnight (not that I didn’t have any in the first place) and I wish I can pluck them all! It is showing in my intermittent neck and shoulder pains. I can see it in my skin and around my eyes. But it is what it is.

I have just learned to “suck it up, buttercup!” You either sink or swim. Life gives you lemons, you better learn how to make lemonade.

Funny how I think that this whole new travel experience made me a more mature and responsible adult. I guess not having kids has something to do with this mindset. Most of you probably can’t relate to what I am saying but those without kids either by choice or not might be able to relate, somehow and know where this is all coming from. I feel like I have aged twenty more years. This has certainly been a life changing journey for me and for both of us. Let’s just leave it at that….

In the meantime, I’m almost home!!!!

2 thoughts on “Week Ten: Work Updates… I Am Working Here After All

  1. So glad to have a good read from you. De ja vu really, that’s just how I came to work at Holmes Regional, a new charting system was coming in, many moons ago. As bittersweet as it seems, it is really a jewel that you have collected, the experience you have gained on this assignment is something you will always carry with you. It changes your outlook, so many things in life are minuscule now, waiting in the grocery line vs. being home with your sweetheart, so many miles away. You are not only a strong nurse, you are a strong woman & I’m proud to give you that compliment.


    1. Thank you so much Trish! Coming from you, that is really highly appreciated. This experience is really life changing. I’ve only had 3 months of self discovery and self learning and yet these lessons will stay with me for a lifetime. I’ll be back home soon. Hope to see ya!


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