Week Eleven: Where are my High Heels?

Back in the day, I remember watching movies where people line up to get inside a bar and this big burly bouncer would randomly pick people to cut the line and/or come straight right in. The ladies or the men that got lucky were almost always the sexy and cool looking ones while the plain Janes were left standing in line or even worse, denied access! I have always thought that that only happened in the movies.

I mean I knew it existed but never did I thought that it would happen to us….

                        Because we weren’t wearing high heels!!!

Image grabbed from photo bucket
Image grabbed from photo bucket

And to think there wasn’t even a line outside. The night was early for New York standards. We just finished dinner and wanted to have a couple of (more) drinks at some other place so this new friend, who was my best friend’s friend from work, suggested we check out this rooftop bar. Of course, I have never been to one so I was looking forward to it. Scenes from “Sex and the City” kept playing in my mind, until we get to the entrance where this big burly man looked at us from head to toe and then declared, “Sorry, you can’t get in. You’re not wearing high heels.” The two of us were in flats while our other friend brought along her pink high heels, which was a very smart move because we were walking in the city the whole afternoon and required wearing flats for your feet’s sake. She then switched to heels when we got to dinner.

But going back….. Seriously? Maybe because we were in the Meat Packing District that they had strict dress codes? Or maybe because we weren’t chic enough? Plain Janes? I don’t think so! Darn discriminatory rules!

So we ended up at this overcrowded candy store turned bar at night. Got carded at the entrance ~ woohoo!!! And had really expensive bad drinks. Too loud, too dark, too crowded, we left soon after.

A random hotel bar we found on our way back to Grand Central Station, we decided to stop by for a few minutes while waiting for the train schedule. “This is more our speed,” my new friend commented. No big burly bouncers. Flats allowed. No loud music. Nice accommodating servers. More expensive drinks. I must be getting old…

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