Week Twelve: Beginnings and Endings

Note: This is a very late post, almost close to three weeks late. It is not as updated as it is supposed to be but I need to have some sort of closure for this very first travel assignment.

As of the time of this writing, I am already back home in Florida. So much has happened that I almost didn’t feel the need to finish this weekly blogging business. But that would leave me hanging somewhere in Week Eleven with my high heels in New York! Anyway, I left it hanging for a couple of days at least, since I also didn’t feel quite inspired to write.

There was so much stuff to do and take care of when I got back home that there was barely enough time for me to sit quietly and think of blogging. From packing all my stuff in Connecticut, to driving to North Carolina with friends, to hiking up the Smoky Mountains, and then driving down all the way to Florida, take my visiting friends around town for a couple of days and then finally, some serious unpacking!

And oh, I forgot to mention that I also needed to take care of all the documents and paperwork needed for my next job. Sprinkle in some much needed quality time in between all those with the hubby and whew!!! I’m pooped!

A week of household chores and a couple of other important errands accomplished later, I finally am sitting right now and is just starting to slowly get into that writing mood. So, what have I learned in my twelve weeks of being a travel nurse?

Patience. Flexibility. Trust.

Independence. Teamwork. Resourcefulness.

Hard work. Courage. Strength.

Homesickness. Open communication. Love and friendship.

Sense of adventure. Positive thinking. Faith.

Sunrise from 6 North’s hospital window

All of them each has a story of their own. All of them impacted me so greatly that I am now a changed person. Who would have thought that all these could have happened in three months? Why now? Why not later? What are my life lessons?

As for travel nursing, I will always have a soft spot for it in a little corner of my heart. I have experienced what it is like and I may or may not come back to it depending on the circumstances. I know, it is always there waiting for me. This is not the end.

Welcome to my new beginning!

Patiently waiting to be back home

10 thoughts on “Week Twelve: Beginnings and Endings

  1. Thank you Belle, your blog has brought back so many sweet/bittersweet memories of traveling days. A total experience.


    1. My pleasure! It is indeed a one of a kind experience. It is not just as “exciting” and care-free and all fun as I originally thought it would be. Kudos to you and all the other travelers who have lasted for years on the road!


  2. Glad I found you. My husband is a traveling nurse as well. Although, I’m not sure if traveling around to the assignments in different cities of our home state deserves the “traveling nurse” title. Lol. And, coincidentally, we’re Floridians, currently in the Large area but originally from Orlando. I like it, he likes it, so it works. I look forward to sharing your endeavors with him!

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    1. hello from sunny florida! to be considered a travel nurse you have to live at least 50 miles away from your hospital of employment. so yes, even if you don’t leave your home state, it is still traveling, just locally. 🙂 im currently not doing any traveling, just doing per diem jobs. i still hope to get back to the travel nurse world. i really loved it!


      1. We’re in St. Petersburg and for the last 3 years he’s worked for Nurses PRN doing some per deim but there’s been enough 13 week contracts here to keep us for awhile. I’m voting for a travel assignment in NY but idk…happy wife=happy life. 😉

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