Up, Up in the Trees: The Adventure Park Experience

Fun and exciting things happen when you have three bottles of wine and three ladies plotting over the dinner table as to what to do the following day….

The masterminds

Hangover or not, the next morning, we woke up bright and early to bring the whole herd to this adventure place at Bridgeport, Connecticut (This was when I was doing travel nursing earlier this year). The Adventure Park at the Discovery Museum is a park for the outdoor lovers and the thrill seekers. The minute I walked into its entrance, saw all the tall trees surrounding me with the wires and the ropes, I knew I would love this place!

I’ve had experience zip lining before in the Philippines on what was reputed to be Asia’s longest dual zip line at 840 meters with an elevation of 4500 feet above sea level. Throw in all the figures for added bragging rights! Now, that was something else. You felt like Superman for a few exhilarating minutes.

Whizzing past tree tops at Dahilayan Adventure Park in the Philippines
Whizzing past tree tops at Dahilayan Adventure Park in the Philippines

So when my friend mentioned going zip lining here I thought it was just literally nothing but zip lines. But, no, I was wrong. It was more than that. This place is also an aerial ropes course where platforms are built up in the trees and interconnected by bridges or cables in varying designs and heights. It definitely is not for the faint of heart.

After registering, we were given harnesses and gloves and then proceeded to the briefing area. The 15 minute or so orientation showed you how to work your carabineers which was a little tricky at first because I had to get used to twisting and turning them this way and that to lock and unlock. You need to be really sure you do it the right way because this is what is holding you and keeping you from falling 10-20 feet off the ground!

By then, the place was already packed with kids of all ages. No fears, no worries. All excited to climb and fly through the trees. I do not have a fear of heights. In fact, I love being way up high and seeing everything down below me from a different perspective. But this time, I had my concerns. Once you are on the main platform, you chose a trail based on its level of difficulty, from beginner to advanced, much like skiing, with different colors to mark them. And then you are on your own. The staff are all scattered through out the park and can verbally guide and support you from down below while you are up there having trouble navigating or completing a particular challenge. I’m sure they can go up too and help you if you get stuck somewhere.


Of course, we tried the easiest first as a warm up and then proceeded to the next level. This time, with more balancing skills and upper body strength needed. It doesn’t help if all of you are giggling while hanging on to a trapeze trying to swing to get to the platform across. However which way you do it, as long as you get it done.



We eventually eased our way to the second most difficult trail. This was also our last one for the day. No, I refused to do the double black trail because just the previous trails alone proved to be such a physical challenge! I had such poor upper body and arm strength that by that time, I was already exhausted. I wished there were more zip lines.

This is EASY!
This one is NOT. By far, the hardest for me.
Like a giant spider web

In the end, we all had an amazing day. I ended the challenge by being pushed off a platform! Regardless, it was a “necessary evil.” I don’t have a lot of pictures because I didn’t bring my camera along and I left my cell phone on purpose because I didn’t want to be distracted when I was up high in the trees. Thank you to my wonderful friends who provided me with the photos! And thank you guys for this adrenaline pumping experience. This definitely won’t be my last.


PS: The next day I had so many bruises on my arms to prove that I had such a grand time!

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