“How To Walk Through a Rope Loop and Look Graceful Doing it” [A Short Video]

So this is part two of my “adventure” blog. I had to email my best friend in Connecticut to send me the video that she took of me being pushed off the platform. Little did I know (and remember) that there was another video she took of me while high up doing the rope loops. I don’t know what they are technically called, rope loops sounded descriptive enough. This was on a more difficult trail, not THE most difficult one, but, as you can see, it was such a huge challenge! Do I make it look easy enough like I was floating on air? HAHA! Go ahead and try it.

The video itself, is raw and unedited, as I do not have the video editing skills, yet. I do not know if I will have the patience to learn it as I just found out that I cannot upload videos directly to wordpress without buying extra video space. And I am not yet ready to do that. I am enjoying my FREE wordpress account right now. To be able to upload these videos, I had to go to YouTube, open an account and upload them there first before I can even post it here. Whew! That just goes to show how technically-challenged I am! LOL!!!

Anyway, enjoy the video! You can laugh at me too, I’d really like that.




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