That Traveling Nurse is Six Months Old!!!



So, I’m celebrating another monthsary today. Of course, I do not really keep track of them but for some reason, the universe somehow reminds me of the day my blog was born, which is a good thing because then, I am forced to write and come up with something utterly cheesy (like this photo here) or completely unimportant. Well, not really… My blog IS important to me. I don’t know about the rest of you because you are here either on my invitation (read: gentle persuasion) or just happened to stumble upon my blog while on word press. My blog was born out of necessity, for me to have a space to create my thoughts, arrange my feelings and let my emotions be heard. Call it creative journaling if you will. Whether you hear me or not, that is another story. I write as I please and I am pleased with what I write.

I would like to know though the secret to a good jump shot because as you can see, I suck at it!


So, what do you think?

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