When Getting Called Off Work Sucks!!!

I hate to admit that I used to LOVE getting called off work. When the phone rings at 4:30 or 5:00 pm, you do a quick pause at whatever you are doing and say a quick prayer that it is not an “on call” call but the other one and when that familiar voice tells you “I’m sorry, you’re called off for the night. Enjoy the rest of your evening!” I do a mental dance while still on the phone and then literally do a crazy dance after I hang up.


Who doesn’t appreciate an extra day off? After working so hard for 13 plus hours taking care of patients (I am not even describing the kind of sick people we deal with on a day to day basis), repeat that for three nights, and I feel like four days off sometimes is not enough to rest physically. I need a mental break sometimes too. So, hurrah for unexpected call offs!!!


Yeah, or so I thought. But try getting called off for three shifts in the past two weeks. At first, I did the happy dance. The second time, I was like, okay, its a holiday so naturally, they call off the per diems first (because they get paid more). That is understandable. Too bad though I don’t get the time and a half. The third time? Nah, I wasn’t too thrilled now. After I got that phone call, I half shouted in exasperation, “Again?” “Do you think they will call me off again tomorrow?” Apologies were made, census is low after the holiday, yada, yada, yada….I don’t know what the census will be like tomorrow… blah, blah…

This is not happening.

I thought I was living the dream. After several weeks of being satisfied with what was going into our bank account, I am slowly beginning to wake up to the downside of a per diem position. But not when we have a big trip coming up next month!!! The timing is just so wrong.

So, I hope and pray I do not get any more of those dreaded phone calls until our trip. What was once a welcome respite has now become an ordeal. Certainly not when financial stability is involved. I will deal with six crazy patients any night, just give me the job. Or will I? *fingers crossed*

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