Singapore: My Food Journal

I came to Singapore to visit my brother and his wife as a side trip from our Philippine holiday. He couldn’t take time off work to see me so I came to him. Actually, any excuse to travel will do! But never have I dreamed of going to Singapore and never was this on my bucket list either. It was one of those countries that seemed generic to me. Of course, I’ve heard about it from my parents and friends that we should go visit Singapore because it is one of the cleanest cities in the world and that it is so beautiful and the shopping to die for!

So I made my own research (being the anal person that I am) for my itinerary and I found out that there are a few things that I wanted to check out after all.

But before all the usual city tours and stuff, first and most importantly, lets talk about the food. Oh my God! THE FOOD!!! There are just too many food choices out there yet not enough time for me to sample them all! Because of its multicultural diversity, Singapore is a foodie’s heaven. In fact, it may have turned me into one overnight! It’s major influence is Malay, then Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, Thai, Japanese and Western as well. Snapping photo after photo of every single food plate or drink that comes my way, I have become dangerously obsessed with this trend of taking food pics. But who wouldn’t? When the food in front of you is so colorfully exotic it entices your eyes with such visual impact that even before you eat it, you can already tell it is delicious. With different aromas wafting around every corner, every hawker stall, every street food stand, food just demands to be tasted here.

I will probably mess up the name of a particular dish or forget them totally. If you notice my error, please do let me know. All I remember is that they all tasted so good!

Let this post be a feast for your eyes! As it was for mine, I would totally go back to Singapore for the food.

Minced meat noodle soup, Changi airport food court

After my 3 hr plane ride, I landed at Singapore’s Changi airport. My brother and his wife were waiting for me there while I complained that I was hungry. So my brother took me to the nearest food available, and that was the airport food court. This was my first introduction to authentic Singapore cuisine. Ordering food correctly is a whole different story all together, which needs practice speaking Singaporean English.

You don’t mix the soup with the noodles, take note on this one.

Kaya butter bun and kaya butter toast with soft boiled eggs

Traditional Singaporean snack or considered a breakfast staple by many. This was what we had for my first breakfast in Singapore. I liked the kaya thing but I couldn’t deal with the soft boiled eggs mixed with soy sauce and black pepper.

Samosas at Tandoori Restaurant, Mustafa Shopping Center
Chicken Tandoori
Garlic naan

Indian food goodness!

I used to not like hot and spicy food at all. I guess as you grow older your taste buds evolve and you start to explore new food. For lunch here, the samosas smelled so good we each took a bite already out of our pieces before I remembered to take a picture of them! The chicken tandoori, a first for my brother, gave him a lasting impression with the orange stuff sticking to his fingers. They were finger licking good! All cultures have bread in whatever form, taste or shape. India has naan. The chicken biryani that we both had was super hot, even for my brother who is used to eating such food, but it was delicious at the same time. How do you know the food is good? When all its customers are locals. Indians, in this case.

Dinner on my first night at Makansutra by the bay was amazing! I finally got to taste the famous chilli crabs, Singapore’s de facto national dish, among so many yummy others. I had chicken rice too but because I was too food-overwhelmed, I forgot to take a photo. Bah!

Chili crabs, at last!!!
Stir fried baby kailan. I thought they were baby bok choy.
Fried sting ray
Even their own version of yellow fried rice tasted good!

Did I tell you that I fell in love with Singapore’s ice lemon tea homemade? Ahhh, so refreshingly good!!!

A soft moist cheesecake like dessert whose exact name I failed to recall! This was at Lau Pa Sat, a hawker center near the Singapore Central Business District
Noodles, cooked any which way you like for breakfast. Eggs, veggies and spam

My brother took me to breakfast the next day at Lau Pa Sat, his usual hawker spot at the Central Business District where he works at. That chocolate drink on the left? Milo! They have different versions of this favorite childhood staple.

Bak kut teh pork ribs soup, at some restaurant by Orchard Road
Mango ice cream sandwich

Lunch was another Singaporean local favorite, bak kut teh, a popular Chinese soup. It’s pork broth with herbs and spices and usually served with rice or noodles with fried dough for dipping into the soup and chopped chilli with garlic as condiments. But what I couldn’t wait for was dessert. The local street food version of ice cream sandwich! You have different flavors to choose from, mango, ube, chocolate, coffee, durian, among others. You also get to choose what kind of sandwich you want, wafer or bread or you can even just eat the ice cream bars straight from a plastic disposable cup. I could eat this everyday!

Hokkien mee

I love noodles but this one, I just can’t stop raving about. It has egg and rice noodles, fried egg, shrimp, pork, chicken, vegetables and a dash of lime add to its exotic flavor!

Singapore also has a variety of bread and pastries that could rival your very own local bakery. It is all up to you which one is your favorite.



Cake offerings for the deceased

They even have very colorful food for the dead!

For my last night in Singapore, we ate at a Hongkong restaurant.

Chicken curry, indian version
Mango snow ice. Too huge for the three of us!
Ice lemon tea!

Did I say that I just love their Ice lemon tea homemade???

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