Thailand: My Food Journal

If Singapore had so much multi-cultural food diversities, Thailand, or at least Phuket, has it’s own version too. Only that we chose to devour only seafood. FRESH seafood, at that. And did I say they were cheap? I know, I know, cheap is relative. But seafood is never cheap! Certainly not in the US and certainly not as fresh as you want them to be.

It was a quick weekend getaway to this island known worldwide for its beaches and nightlife and sadly, the 2004 tsunami. But life always finds a way and today, Phuket is back on it’s feet and partying once again.

On our first night, the owner of the condo that we were renting recommended to us a little thai restaurant with cheap good food. It does not have a name but it is within walking distance and that we can find it where there is a red chair in between two palm trees. Government taxes restaurant owners for every signage they put up so to bring down food costs, this one does not have a signage. So off we went in search of two palm trees and a red chair. Minutes later, we were already in the vicinity but nowhere can we find that red chair. Palm trees yes, but no chair. Starving tourists that we were, we just went ahead and randomly picked a restaurant with lots of people dining and a live band playing.

The Tom Yum was THE best!!!
Trying out local beer

After that first tom yum soup that I had that night, from then on, I never let a meal pass by without ordering it. Don’t get me wrong, the tom yum that I normally order in our local Thai restaurant is also good but this one had a creamier taste to it.

Lunch the next day (I don’t remember eating breakfast, we must have slept through it) was at their local wet market as recommended. It was a looong walk to find it. We walked past dozens of eateries, food stands, modern looking restaurants until we finally get to this two story box-like building.


Lunch to say the least was a pretty complicated one this time around. We had to buy food on the first floor and then go to the second floor to have our food cooked. The language barrier was a hindrance but did not deter us from trying to get our food cooked the way we wanted it. And of course, we wanted FRESH seafood!

We had plenty to chose from…

These crabs were still wriggling
Not frozen and no red eyes!
Lobsters kept alive inside these basins full of water
Pretty crabs
Huge shells. No idea what they’re called but they look like aliens moving around
More huge shrimp!
I caught this fella here trying to make a quick escape, sideways, of course!

After so much confusion as to what to buy, we ended up getting those huge shrimp and a huge snapper fish. If only we can eat them all! Our cooked meal looked like this…


Thai food is not just flavorful and spicy, it is also very colorful. Look at all the veggies and spices they used! A feast for the senses indeed.

After a long hot day of going around Phuket for our city tour, we were ready for dinner. We were so famished that I forgot to take photos of our very interesting steak dish, tom yum (always a part of my meal) and the pesto pasta. I only have my pad thai here, which I really wasn’t happy about. Let’s just say it tasted different.


For our very last night in Phuket, we decided to splurge on dinner (more like trying to dispose of our remaining baht) and had two lobsters! They were each cooked in different ways and they were oh-so-good! I have never eaten lobster, ever in my entire life, that was prepared this way. Mmmmm…mmmm…. mouth drool!


We also had fish and fresh coconut for drinks.


It was truly a feast to remember.

But we couldn’t leave Phuket without trying the ever popular crepe food stands. Sooo good!

Banana nutella anyone?
You can find one in almost every street corner

On our flight back to Singapore, we were at the airport early so we had lunch at a “local” Irish sports bar/resto. Lo and behold, Thai food!

Fusion pad thai
Sweet and sour something
Thai fried rice
My very last tom yum in Phuket

As I bid farewell to Phuket, memories of food and adventure with my brother and his wife are forever cherished. Full hearts and tummies are always a good thing.

We never did find that restaurant with the two palm trees and the red chair!

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