“TOUR A please”

In my previous post, our last stop after a day of sight seeing was in Marina Bay to meet our cousin whom I haven’t seen in years, along with a couple of my brother’s friends. After a whole day of walking, it was surely time for dinner.

Marina Bay is basically a highly developed area in downtown Singapore close to the Central Business District. It has everything you want from shopping, recreation, dining to luxury accommodations.


It is an example of government spending millions to make a waterfront look pretty for investors and tourists. It truly looks and feels like you are in a First World country down here.

This waterfront landmark boasts, among others, of a unique pedestrian only bridge called The Helix, which was inspired by the form of the curved DNA structure. At night, different lighting effects provide visual entertainment to visitors.


It has viewing platforms giving you a stunning view of the bay and the Singapore skyline.


There are also a couple of shiny shopping malls surrounding Marina Bay, the LV store standing out prominently with its own separate futuristic looking glass building by the water.


I also enjoyed looking at the ArtScience Museum, a huge concrete lotus-like structure, with a lily pond below it and a reflecting mirror on the other side. There’s a whole lot of explanation involved with its architecture but I ain’t a techie person and I’m leaving it at that. I haven’t seen anything quite like it though. Too bad we didn’t have enough time to go inside and check out the exhibits.


But it was just so beautiful I had to kiss it!


Along the many other interesting looking buildings in the area, Marina Bay Sands stands out.  It is a newish luxury resort hotel that juts out of the Singapore skyline. Its unique architectural design, which to me looks like a “surfboard” atop three tall buildings makes it the world’s most expensive. It has a casino and a wicked infinity pool at the very top. Checking in anyone?


As we were walking leisurely down the waterfront promenade, it somehow reminded me of Manila Bay in the Philippines although they are as different as night and day. Here people look relaxed and happy, quite a far cry from the stern business-like approach the Singaporeans have on their faces most of the time. Maybe because most of the people I have seen walking here are tourists? I don’t know. But I see lots of people running/walking. They looked like locals. They looked free and less stiff. I think its the air by the bay. And the sunset too, that helps…


We ended up eventually at Makansutra Gluttons Bay, a hawker center, of course, eating chili crabs and chicken rice and lots more.


with my long lost cousin

I still do not know where that darn merlion is at!

Oh well, maybe this will do?


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