Wat Chalong: A Photo Journey

After Big Buddha, our tour proceeded to take us to Wat Chalong. It has a much longer formal name than that but for purposes of simplicity and recall, Wat Chalong is easier on the tongue.

Wat Chalong is one of the 29 temples in Phuket island**. It is the largest and the most visited. The main temple has three floors. At the very top is a glass display containing a splinter of bone from Buddha.

Again, like in Big Buddha, women must dress conservatively inside this place of worship. Sarongs and shawls are provided for (and to be returned upon exit) at the main entrance of the temple. No shoes are allowed inside too, and that includes flip flops.

** I finally know how many temples are in Phuket. Thank you Google!

I’ve taken LOTS of shots, as you will soon see. All the details and intricate craftsmanship are just begging to be photographed. And for a photo nerd like me (and my brother), I am just too happy to oblige!



DSC07075IMG_2421DSC07084 DSC07088IMG_2423IMG_2424IMG_2425IMG_2426IMG_2427IMG_2433IMG_2435

This is the very top of the temple that houses a fragment of Buddha’s bone.


The round glass casing that contains a tiny bone splinter from Buddha. I couldn’t help but wonder if the cash scattered on the floor are donations or religious offerings.



Surrounding buildings around the Wat Chalong grounds have different purposes. This was a crematorium.


Can you find the Big Buddha in this picture? It does not look that big anymore!


These colorful scarves wrapped around a tree have been blessed by Buddhist monks. The trees then are considered sacred and cannot be harmed in any way. I saw them at Big Buddha too. It is just amazing the things you learn when you travel!


** Photo credit to my brother for some of the shots here. Thanks dong!

7 thoughts on “Wat Chalong: A Photo Journey

    1. You are awesome! Thank you so much for visiting my old posts. Thailand is a country like no other. I believe everyone has to visit at least one south east asian country in their lifetime to experience the craziness and beauty. It’s just different. You come back with a fresh set of eyes and a renewed appreciation of your world. 🙂


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