Phang Nga Bay on a Speedboat: Part 1

First time on a speedboat… Images of myself sunning out on the deck in my bikini and aviators with a cocktail in my hand flash by as fast as the speedboat went.


The beautiful Phang Nga Bay in Thailand with its limestone cliffs and emerald green waters is a sight to behold. Looking at these strange shaped huge rocks from a distance evokes an “avatar-esque” dreamy quality to this trip.


Except that I am not alone sunning out on the desk. No bikini and aviators. Definitely no cocktails either. Dream on!

I, together with my brother and his wife and along with twenty other tourists, am cramped in this so called speedboat.


Different nationalities are onboard and with it come different personalities. Only one family was friendly and smiled a lot. The rest were a bunch of complete snobs! Ugh! Not that I am uber friendly to begin with but it would be nice to be able to share your experiences with other people too (and so that you can also have someone to take your photo and not just all selfies). This is the reason why I hate tour groups. But when you’re pressed for time, as in two and a half days, to go see a place, you have no choice but go for the most convenient and quickest way.

After that initial “culture shock” of unfriendliness, I decided to just enjoy this trip with my family and go with the flow. It was a typical generic tour where they pick you up early from your hotel, do the actual tour, provide some snacks/drinks then take you to lunch and then back to your hotel.

Here are some of the beautiful highlights along the way….

Ao Phang Nga National Park. 


We spent about an hour swimming here. So excited were we to test our new waterproof cameras that most of our time was spent taking pictures! And experimenting and playing….hence the crazy shots. Thanks to Nikon Coolpix and GoPro!


I was a bit disappointed in the waters as it was not as crystal clear as I thought it would be. The color was a dismal brown. Or algae green. Boo!!! (Look, it matches my toenails!)


But the scenery was beautiful nonetheless.


And so I left just my footprint(s)…


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