New Year New Beginnings

PhotoGrid_1420167885463 What’s in store for me and my blog this year?

It’s been (close to) eleven months now since I first started blogging. I remember that day while doing seven loads of laundry at home, after just coming back from Iceland, in between heaps of dirty winter clothes spinning in the washer and folding and hanging out some to dry, I multi-tasked and created this blog – That Traveling Nurse was born!

With my brain that runs a thousand miles a minute most days, planning and day dreaming, and my passion for photography, surely, all this, this creative force has to have an outlet, otherwise, it will all burst into nothingness. My soul has to be continuously fed with positivity and beauty and sharing all things good and beautiful is just my own little way of making my mark in this big wide universe.

2014 was a difficult year for me. A challenging one, so to speak. I very much did my best to come out standing strong and proud. I never knew or felt how badly you have been beaten until you feel that nothingness and emptiness within. Strangely so, you still feel that faint pull, that spark inside that tells you to just keep your head up and go on. Like running a marathon, you go on running even if your legs are hurting, even if your entire body is close to giving up from extreme fatigue but because you want to finish the race, you are determined to keep on going. Sometimes, you even have to run on autopilot, if needed.

I believe that Faith does indeed move mountains. I have been blessed. More so than I could ever imagine. Let’s just put it at that.

Am I glad 2014 is over? My first answer would be a big resounding YES. But in hindsight, without all that had happened in the past year, good and bad, happy and sad, this new year, 2015 wouldn’t be as welcome and as appreciated as it should be. I have never looked forward to a coming year this bad as this time around. Before, I used to think of it as getting another year older. Now, older and wiser, you accept it as it is. Whatever it brings, you embrace it with an open heart.

Truly, new year is for new beginnings. So what is in store for me and my blog this year? I don’t know. I probably will tweak and make a few changes to the lay-out just to give it a fresh new look. I’m not still quite adept at this blogging business but trial and error is the name of the game. (Update: Notice my blog’s new look? After searching from hundreds of themes, I finally picked one that I liked best.)

I don’t have any definite travel plans. I learned that some things will have to wait. I still relentlessly dream of travel though. As for my stories, they will keep on coming or they will not.

I try not to set my plans in stone. Less expectations, less disappointments. Looking back from when I have first started, I am mighty proud of myself. Just hanging out here one story at a time.

Happy 2015 friends!!! 2015-01-01 22.04.07

So, what do you think?

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