A Random Post for A Random Reader: My Ten Years!

So I’m trying something new today. My blog was mainly created for me to put in my thoughts and photos, hundreds and thousands of thoughts and photos. Those who know me know that everywhere I go, I always have a camera in tow. (Didn’t mean to make that rhyme!)

Today, I shall skip on the photos. I shall put in words and words alone. I shall allow myself to feel naked and bare without the visual imagery that I am so used to, letting in the whites and greys populate this post and occupy my thoughts in the absence of bright and vivid colors. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. True, to some extent. But sometimes words can express more what the photo cannot reveal.

As I’m writing this, a few hours from now, my husband and I will be celebrating our 10th year wedding anniversary. TEN freaking years!!! Can you believe that? I can’t. I don’t know where all the time went. It has definitely been a challenge for us. A Mt. Everest kind of challenge, so to speak. Suffice it to say, we climbed our highest peak and summited it together. We survived and made it through! Not having any children (nor pets) can either make it easy or difficult, take your pick.

Whatever that was, we decided to continue on this journey together and regardless of how many Mt. Everest’s we have to climb to get to our next year, the next 5 years or the next 10 years, what’s important is the journey we have. I don’t know where the road will lead us tomorrow or next year. Everything else is temporary and fleeting. All I know is that we have each other right now and that is all I need.

EEEEk, I gotta stop! Mushiness overload. Brain hurting….

In the meantime, on the other side of the world, France is mourning. I usually don’t engage in political or current events talk. I am no expert. I hate debates. I hate politics. My blog is a happy place, except when I rant about something as mundane as that night in New York with my girlfriends. I try to stay in my own little world but with everything else that is happening, you just cannot not be involved. Not when the most basic of freedoms is under attack. In a senseless brutal way. What touched me the most are the photos of Parisians holding up pencils to show solidarity and pay tribute to the journalists who got murdered today. This is my own simple way of paying my respects.

A pencil versus a gun.

Might that make the pen mightier than the sword?

Note: I do not mean to instigate anything with this post. I want no negative nellies, no bashers in here. Only good vibes, happy thoughts. Hey, it’s MY anniversary! 

18 thoughts on “A Random Post for A Random Reader: My Ten Years!

    1. Thank you – for the anniversary greeting and for your comments about my post. You are so kind! I believe that love begets love…. as hard as it may be, but all of us (in our own little ways) need to stick together and keep on going for good to prevail.


  1. Oh what a beautiful post, and belated congratulations on your anniversary. I liked your comparison to climbing Mt. Everest, I can definitely attest to that after 34 years of marriage. Marriage is a work in progress, I don’t care how long one has been married. Great insights though. Yes, my heart ached when I heard what happened in Paris yesterday. We must all stand in solidarity. The Pen IS mightier than the sword! Peace!

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  2. Congratulations .. My husband I are retired RNs married 44 years. It’s good to be with someone you know and love. We are packing today to leave for camping and fly fishing trip in mountains. Hope you and your hubby have many, may wonderful years when you still hold hands at the end of the day.

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    1. Thanks, that is so sweet of you!!! It is good to meet another RN couple, although retired, but it doesn’t mean I can’t learn a thing or two from you. You are so brave to go camping in cold weather, good luck and stay warm!


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