Of Scavenger Hunts and Surprises: Part 1

I have never been thrown a surprise party in my entire life.

I, on the other hand, love to throw surprises at unsuspecting friends and family. In fact, I am obsessed with planning the perfect surprise. Be it a shower party, an intimate wedding reception or a family visit. My brain just goes into multi tasking mode, sometimes not getting enough sleep just because my brain simply won’t shut off until I get all the details right. The internet is my best friend so are Michael’s or Party City.

A couple of days ago, we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. It was a challenge of course for me to come up with something special for my hubby. I didn’t even know what to get him until the day before! I had a few gift ideas here and there but nothing really stood out until the very last minute. It was a good thing he worked the day before our anniversary because that enabled me to go around the city, get the stuff that I needed and scatter it around our home.

The Scavenger Hunt. That was the plan. I am a big fan of this old school game. For my best friend’s 40th birthday, I hatched an elaborate scheme where her kids and mom was involved. This time, I am doing it to my very own hubby. Because it was TEN years, I prepared ten gifts and clues for him.

The first gift started on the eve of our anniversary, remember my hubby had to work. I sent him a flower arrangement that I hoped was manly enough with an anniversary balloon. Sure enough, he was surprised when he got to work that a co worker greeted him a happy anniversary before he saw the flowers on his desk. The card ended on a mysterious note, teasing him that there was more to come….


I won’t reveal all the other details here because it would be too long and some would be too personal. Some were funny. Some were cute. But his last clue and gift was ME! By the time he got to the end, he was touched to the point of tears.

His anniversary gift came two days early. It was well thought of and very practical. I was even surprised with the way he “delivered” it to me. It was a blue tooth speaker/light device, for lack of a better term. I turn on my blue tooth, then turn on the light fixtures and play my Pandora then tadaa, instant light-speakers! He knew I needed some sort of speaker for when I play music with my mobile phone.

He had also planned for a quiet dinner. And as always, he chose the restaurant well. Great food, great service. At the end of our night, honestly, I was a little disappointed because I was expecting a little bit more than that for our 10th anniversary. Little did I know….

Please come and stay for Part 2!

6 thoughts on “Of Scavenger Hunts and Surprises: Part 1

    1. I just love planning and organizing to a fault! hehe..I don’t think I can do the same thing for our 20th though, that would be too much. 😛
      I did drop by a note on your Puerto Rico post. It looked like it was a much deserved family holiday.


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