Revisiting Mexico’s Ruins

Our very first trip outside the US, apart from the Philippines of course, was in 2010. We went to Cancun with a group of college friends. It was not without debate. Due to Mexico’s dangerous reputation of drug cartels and gangs, we had to convince one of our friends to push through. It is sad how media can damage an entire nation. In the end, our friend went anyway.

Prior to this trip, we were pretty much traveling mostly within the country. Lots of beautiful places we haven’t seen yet but we wanted to see the rest of the world too!

Mexico was my first exposure to international travel as an adult (not including our family trip to Hongkong years ago). Let me say I was a naive and eager tourist then. We did the all inclusive thing which makes it so much easier specially when it is your first time and when you’re traveling with other people too. The only big decisions you really have to make are should I have a burrito or quesadilla? Cactus juice or tequila? Endless buffet of food and drinks. Really. It’s that hard.

El Castillo

On the top of my bucket list was to see Chichen Itza, one of the new seven wonders of the world. Pictured above is El Castillo also called the Temple of Kukulcan, a 75 ft tall pyramid dedicated to the Mayan god Kukulcan. There are other ruins around this archaelogical site that are equally as magnificent as well. The grandeur that was Chichen Itza, a dazzling ancient city that was once the center of the Mayan empire in Central America.

The following year, my husband and I came back to Mexico, this time with a friend of mine and her family. We stayed at Playa del Carmen, at another all inclusive resort by the beach.

Templo Dios del Viento (God of Winds Temple)

Tulum was one of the last cities built and inhabited by the Mayans. It is not as grand as Chichen Itza but it is supposedly the third most visited archaelogical site in Mexico.

To me, both sites have their own beauty and charm. While Chichen Itza was grand and imposing, Tulum was more low key and picturesque. Sure, both of them are always crazy busy with tourists and on both times we went, it was scorching hot! Tulum was a little better though, the closer you got to the cliff side, the ocean breeze blew away all that hot stickyness. You can even take a quick dip in the waters below!

I was enchanted with Mexico, from its ancient ruins, to the smiling people to the delicious food. Those short trips were merely an introduction. It didn’t even scratch the surface of this misunderstood yet exotic country. I came home sunburned and with a few extra pounds in our baggage (who can resist all those colorful souvenirs!). The next time I come back, I will have to pack lighter.

8 thoughts on “Revisiting Mexico’s Ruins

  1. I did Cancun when I was in high school for a spring break trip and just recently went to Playa Del Carmen. I always make the mistake of going places in July so the last trip it was blazing hot! Chichen Itza Was lovely, but it again hot as hell. Didn’t do Tulum, but maybe next time I’ll chance it even with the miserable heat.

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  2. I’d love to visit Mexico but I am afraid of the reputation it gets in the media. Is there any sense, when you’re there, of danger like the media portrays?


    1. Mexico is a beautiful country! It depends on where you go, of course, just like anywhere in the world. I’ve been to Cancun and Playa del Carmen and I haven’t felt nor sensed any danger at all. But that doesnt mean that you drop all your precautions. There is danger anywhere you go, just keep an open mind and be alert all the time. Cancun and Playa del Carmen are both very popular tourist destinations. I have heard of friends and other people traveling to lesser known parts of Mexico and lived and loved their travels to those places. Media always exaggerates things anyway so don’t rely on them totally. Just do your research and you’ll be fine. 🙂 Good luck and safe travels!

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