They Who Inspire Me to Travel, Write and So Much More….

Do you have a favorite blogger?

Today’s post is to tell you more about why I blog. It is because of these people that I am here right now.

They are not newbies, except for one. Most have a strong online presence having done this for years doing the things they love the most.
~ He was the first travel blogger I stumbled upon on Facebook. Among the hundreds of them out there, he stood out to me because of his many years on the road, his writing style and his easy-going personality. If you have a question, he answers you back, promise!
~ This woman. This passionate artistic soul. This restless wanderer. She touched my soul with her words and photos, inspiring me to write beautifully from the heart.
~ A Florida girl who braved the world and travelled solo, sometimes with her niece in tow. Her advice for women travelers and her involvement with grassroots volunteering make her a smart and sensible one.
 ~ The newbie in my list! I do not see a lot of nurse bloggers out here. Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough. But her travel nurse stories injected (pun intended) with her own brand of humor make me want to look forward to reading her posts.
~ A mother, a photographer and a cancer survivor. She is one strong woman who defies all odds and tells her story with her compelling images. 

There you are. Instead of simply just posting a link to their website, I posted a link to MY favorite posts. May their words and photos inspire you too…


(In response to The Daily Prompt)

11 thoughts on “They Who Inspire Me to Travel, Write and So Much More….

    1. Oh my, so nice to see you here!!! I am curious, where did you get to meet Shannon? She seems like such a sweet and genuine person that it would be great to hear her thoughts about her travels. I know she is from Florida too.
      As for going on our next travel nursing adventure next month, we shall see how that goes. Excited and nervous at the same time. Thank you so much for your support and for dropping by. 🙂


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