That Traveling Nurse is Now ONE YEAR OLD!!!

Has it already been twelve months? Time has gone by since that first post I timidly published on my blog, not too long ago. It has definitely been a journey for me. Who knew all these would happen in one year? Who knew I would last this long?

I have accomplished a lot both professionally and personally, learned a lot of valuable life lessons along the way and somehow, managed to come out whole and happy!

To celebrate my anniversary, I will take you for a walk to the places I’ve been to in the past year. For some reason, I have a penchant for taking pictures of my feet. Hey, my feet may not be the prettiest but what the heck! It tells a story. It reflects my state of mind at that given time.

It is me, That Traveling Nurse.


My hubby and I are avid fans of Mount LeConte in the Smoky Mountains. We have hiked this mountain four times in the past four years!


Oh that Beach Girl in me! My header, if you noticed by the way, is a pair of flip-flops by the beach. Sunshine, sea and sand always make me happy.


More beachy footsies… more smiles… more adventures


For those that read and remembered my first few posts, this was my story on how I officially became a traveling nurse. Connecticut was where I started my travel nurse life, although I am on hiatus right now from the travel nursing part, I am still very much all about the traveling.


Grassy fields, railroad tracks, pavements… whatever path you take, go with a sense of adventure and childlike wonder!


Life is as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. The colors and patterns of our lives are to be enjoyed and taken as lessons. Lessons that will either leave you overwhelmed by its complexity or surprised at its straightforwardness.

I find beauty and inspiration in the smallest and simplest of things. That’s why I tend to look down on the ground I am stepping on and realize that although our feet may be weary, our hearts and souls can still see the beauty of what lies beneath our feet.


I am ending this foot journey with me in my scrubs and work shoes.

After all, I am still a nurse who can “shock you back to life”!


It has been a blast turning one year old in this blogging world. To more stories, more photos, more blogger friends! *Cheers*

21 thoughts on “That Traveling Nurse is Now ONE YEAR OLD!!!

    1. Thank you so much!!! Actually, I also made up the word “blogsary”, its one of my tags. Blogversary sounds just about right too.

      Likewise, I am glad to have met you too in blogging land along with so many other supportive and like minded individuals! You certainly make my blogging life more interesting! Im happy I didnt give this up. Cheers! πŸ™‚


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