Wound Care 101


Being a nurse, I have seen my own fair share of wounds, though not as crazy as those that you see in the Trauma units/Emergency Department, they come in many different kinds and sizes as well.

I can deal with wounds, open, bleeding, oozing, even the pustulent kind (no gory photos here). Grab a pair of gloves, clean it with good old saline, apply pressure to stop the bleeding or pack it with whatever the doctor prescribes and then slap some gauze and ABD pads to cover it, secure with tape. Or if it is just a tiny one, bandaid! Easy, right?

Then there is the other kind of wound. The emotional one. The one that you can’t see, measure or quantify. The one that can wreck havoc in your life. I can’t deal with that. And yet, they come in different kinds and sizes too. No matter how much you try to clean them, or dress them or apply pressure to stop the bleeding, it always comes back. Eventually, the wound can become a scab or a scar but in just an instant, a memory, a word, a gesture, a picture, that scab can be picked and ripped apart or the scar can become just as fresh as it was when it first started.

Hurting and painful.

Bandaids please anyone?

6 thoughts on “Wound Care 101

  1. SOOO true. Almost brings tears to my eyes. Still trying to get over break up with a man I was so in love with. Reminders come in all shapes and sizes – pictures, a storefront, a joke, …anything.


  2. I really believe that, when it comes to mental/emotional health, you are the only person who can truly work towards healing yourself.

    Others can support you. They can help you along the way. But, with mental health, if you can’t help you, no one can.

    That’s not to say it’s an easy process by any means. It might be the hardest thing a person ever has to do and it could take years, even a lifetime to work towards.

    Mental/emotional health is so serious and can sometimes be very scary. I wish it wasn’t such a taboo subject in our society.

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