Four Years of Mt. LeConte: Then and Now

In response to Lachouett’s Pick the World event this week: The USA!

That Traveling Nurse



Why do people climb mountains?

Because it is there…. Because it is a challenge… Because it pushes you to your limits and tests not just your physical capabilities but also the mental and spiritual ones as well. Those who make it to the peak do so with all the honor and glory that comes with conquering such a daunting task. I bet the intrepid mountaineers who have conquered Mt. Everest wish there was another Everest to climb. They will always be seeking for more, more adventures, more challenges, more mountains….


Now don’t get me wrong, Mt. LeConte is by no means an Everest. It is not even close to the likes of Mt. McKinley, the highest in the United States, peaking at 20,236 ft. Mt. LeConte is just a baby amongst these giants. It is the third highest peak in the Smoky Mountains at 6,593 ft. and is noted for having…

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