Am I Home?


We have heard this statement so many times that to say this is cliche is just an understatement. But really the truth of the matter is, home is not just a physical place where you rest and eat and engage with your loved ones or your pets. Home is much more than that. It cannot be held in boundaries or walls nor is it a repository of your precious belongings.

Home is intangible… immeasurable… limitless. Home has the power to bring people together or to draw them apart.

I got this from a fortune cookie (yeah, who doesn’t love them) as I was getting ready to leave home for my first traveling nurse job. BAM! Hit me straight in the heart! How did this cookie know I was in the midst of a life changing situation?

In the end, I listened to the cookie.

(Photo taken by Android)

4 thoughts on “Am I Home?

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