Terrible Traffic Tales

So, I’m assuming everyone here drives or has at least been on a car or any form of road transportation. Whether you are a passenger or the driver, tell me, don’t you think that there are just some idiots out there on the streets WHO SHOULD NOT BE DRIVING at all?

Not that I’m a 100% excellent and safe driver, although in my head I would like to believe that, however, my husband would just tell you otherwise.

He belongs to the school of men who think that women drivers suck.

I know, so sexist! If he sees a vehicle causing traffic problems, he would immediately assume and say, “women drivers.” And I of course, give him the obligatory rolling of my eyes with the sidewise glance. Nu-uh, you are NOT going to say that! IMG_1165 I come from a place where the drivers do not respect and obey the traffic laws, where the driving is so terribly dangerous that you would think it is sometimes better to walk, where most everyone presumes they are above the law and a traffic infarction is easily dismissed by paying “under the table” or by “name dropping,” where the traffic is so so bad that by the time you get home, you have already finished reading that 300 page novel. Anyway, the last part I exaggerated but my point is this, I have seen bad driving. No, I take that back. I have seen HORRIBLE driving and traffic conditions and because I used to live there, I got used to it.

Fast forward many years later and now that we call America our home, at first, I was so amazed at how disciplined and respectful people were on the road. Everyone stayed on their lanes, there was almost no horn honking (well maybe, except New York city) and pedestrians were priority. It was such a vast difference from my past life.

Eventually, all good things must come to an end and as I drove more and more, my eyes were slowly opened that not all drivers in America are created equal.ย 

IMG_1211 Call me spoiled but America you did this to me. You initially showed me all the good and positive things that now, I can clearly see the bad and the negative ones, sticking out like a sore thumb. And they’ve quickly become my driving pet peeves. There is not one day that goes by that I fail to encounter any one of these type of drivers.

1. The “I-dont-know-how-to-use-my-turn-signal driver” – Unless your car’s turn signal is broken, there is no reason why you should not be using this when you change lanes, specially when you make a quick change or when cutting lanes or even when making a turn (except when you are in a designated turning lane). Drivers behind you are not mind readers. Give us ample time to give you the space that you need to manuever. It is common road courtesy.

2. The “high beam headlights king” – It annoys me crazy when the car behind me has their super bright high beam headlights on. What? You need to take a special look at my car’s behind that you need that extra bright light on? You’re not the police. Turn it down. I am blinded by it. Irritably more so, if the driver is tailgating, which leads me to my next driving pet peeve.

3. The “tailgater” – I understand when you are in a hurry sometimes and I am driving too slow for you. But when I am driving within the speed limit and oftentimes a little over it but not enough to be charged with overspeeding and yet you still manage to almost kiss my car’s rear end in the hopes that I too will speed up to accommodate your Nascar fantasies, that is another story. Big bullies on the road! Because I drive defensively, I almost always change lanes to avoid being plowed by this inconsiderate human being (of course, after using my turn signals).

4. The “too-cautious drivers” – I know driving can be scary to some people. I used to be so afraid of driving on the highway that it took me awhile to be confident enough to do it by myself. My hubby taught me well. He is a big stickler for rules also so naturally, the student does what the teacher says. But driving too slow and under the speed limit is a big no-no on the highway as it is also dangerous even if you stay on the right lane. However, some drivers just don’t get it as they go too slow and yet they insist on staying on the left lane. Move over please. Ergo, the tailgaters.

5. The “I-think-I-can-still-do-it drivers” – Florida is the retirement capital of the United States. We see ’em everywhere! Exponentially compounded during the winter months, you see the snowbirds, the “cottonheads” to some, these lovely older folks who for the life of me, should not be allowed to drive anymore. Once you hit a certain age, your senses are not at its peak. Your eyes, ears and reflexes all deteriorate. Your memory and cognitive functioning are not its best anymore (Silver alert sounds familiar?). A lot of traffic accidents in Florida are caused by the elderly, sad to say. I know keeping your independence is important but safety to yourself and to others is paramount too!

I’m purposely excluding those impaired drivers (alcohol, drugs) because we never should have any tolerance for those kinds of drivers in the first place.ย 

I guess this is my version of a rant-post. I rarely do this but I have to let it out somehow.

There’s no road raging this girl!

Do you have any traffic pet peeves?

9 thoughts on “Terrible Traffic Tales

  1. My biggest pet peeve is when people don’t use their blinkers! Like, seriously, it takes two seconds to turn your blinker on and it IS a common courtesy! I just don’t understand how people can fail to do this.

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  2. #1! My husband doesn’t use his blinker to change lanes and I think I die a little every time he changes lanes without his dang blinker! I try to tell him how many times others using their blinkers has prevented an accident (because 2 cars try to merge into one middle lane at the same time, and I see their blinker and get back over). But he just WILL NOT do it! It drives me insane, seriously.


  3. I think that you would make a very good motorcyclist! Those of us on two wheels know that most car (we call them “Cage” drivers) are actually really trying to kill anyone on only two wheels! I long ago came to the conclusion that all cars have an inherent defect, it’s called the nut behind the wheel! ๐Ÿ™‚ Dookes

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