My Trinkets from Around the World

It was a bright sunny day when I took my “little people” out from the curio cabinet.

I took a few sample shots of our backyard to comply with Photo 101’s weekend assignment on Composition. Background, foreground, horizontal, vertical and the rule of thirds were the terms we learned this past week. I struggled to get out of my comfort zone and started taking fresh photos once more experimenting on my camera settings, tweaking this and that.

By this time, my “little people” were getting antsy inside the recyclable grocery bag that I stuffed them into lest I accidentally drop them. No, that is such a horrifying thought! They are all my preciousss…..

So, out they came, one by one and started to do my own little photo shoot.

But, wait a minute, I see a pretty purple flower swaying in the afternoon breeze.


Couple of experimental shots later, I finally got what I wanted then proceeded to the main task at hand.

Here are my little people.

I had a great time taking photos of these cute lil things. They were such great and easy subjects!

This new project, which I hope to keep up as a series, is inspired by Indah. She is one awesome photographer, specializing in underwater shots. You should check out her world!

Lastly, I will leave you with warm thoughts from Florida.

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