The Natural World…

And leading lines…

I am ecstatic I am all caught up on my assignments! It was a very good idea to take a couple of extra shots of anything and everything I notice after each assignment I made hoping that I could use it for future Photo 101 posts. That would still be considered new-ish, right?

Anyway, the first photo has strong diagonal lines fanning out like a starburst. I had to crop the palm trunks so as to put more emphasis on just the palm leaves.


The next one I particularly like. No gardener or garden lover wants them as they’re weeds and can grow and spread easily on your lawns. But if you look at it closely, it is just exquisite!


The last two photos were just taken this afternoon when hubby and I went to the beach. I noticed lots of sea foam washed away on the shore. So, I started crouching down low and snapped away with my phone. The close up sea foam (which looks like soap suds) could serve also as a diagonal leading line while the wavy ocean is a horizontal one.


We walked for a few more minutes just enjoying the beautiful day, the outdoors and each other until the sun set and brought about these rich golden hues on the horizon. Those plants/stems stood out prominently and proudly against such a beautiful backdrop. My vertical lines for tonight’s assignment.


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