Shooting this in complete darkness except for the ambient light provided by this floor lamp, I got bolder and bolder with using my camera’s manual features tweaking an exposure setting here and there. I took as many different exposures as I wanted until I got this one with just the right amount of lighting to give the entire room a mysterious effect.


The next photo is a complete opposite of the first image. Playing with the sun’s rays as it was getting low on the horizon, I happened to see this mysterious creature and so many others washed away on the shore. I liked the way the sunlight was reflected on its plastic-like body and on the sand as well. Such a colorful animal but deadly, the Portuguese man of war, also known as blue bottles.


All thanks to Photo 101 for pushing me to my limits and giving me inspiration to create more visually appealing and unique photos. I vowed to only use current and up-to-date photos so as to force me to practice and practice some more. The first photo was shot tonight with my DSLR and the second one with my phone two days ago. 

16 thoughts on “Mysterious

  1. Fascinating creature!!

    I am like you, pushing myself to stay on track and work at creating new pictures. I almost caved today, but stuck with it until I found something.
    Good job on the lamp, very warm and comforting colors.

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    1. Aren’t they? I almost gave in several days ago too… when I work and I take a quick peek on the Photo 101 assignment and then don’t have the time to take pictures, I “panic” and think about resorting to my old albums. Then I get home and inspiration strikes me, light bulb moment there, and I am able to produce something. That makes me happy. Keep on doing what you are doing too. Thank you so much for your kind words!

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  2. I love you way you explored, experimented and enjoyed the whole process of what your camera can and can’t do…as a self-taught photographer myself, I don’t know the rules, therefore I have the freedom to play about with my camera and my compositions are intuitive…
    Great work!

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    1. I agree. Practice and practice some more! I was afraid I was never going to improve on my photography skills as I got lazy the past few months. Thanks to Photo 101 class I am inspired to pick up my cam and familiarize myself again with manual mode. Thank you for your feedback!

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