“Ang Bahay ni Lolo”


English translation: My grandfather’s house

Built in the early 1900s, this ancestral house is reminiscent of its colonial history when the Philippines was under the Spanish regime. My mother and her siblings grew up here. Likewise, my brother and I and my cousins all had wonderful memories of many a-summers day playing and listening to our grandfather tell stories of his interesting past.

Now, the house has been beaten and battered by several typhoons and no one is currently living here. Or so they say… Read here to find out more.

10404443_10152787473283166_898497183805665418_n 2

Which photo do you think has more impact?

33 thoughts on ““Ang Bahay ni Lolo”

  1. The first one looks really abandoned. Suitable for ‘enchanting stories’ that your neighbors mentioned ! Are you going to tell us those stories some day ?

    The second still looks cheerful and makes me want to go fix it up and live in it or turn it into a not abandoned building.

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    1. I will probably share a few tales… I, myself get goosebumps every time I recall the stories! It would probably make for a good halloween post. I feel bad about its current state. If money wasn’t a problem, we would have it fixed and running by now. Thanks for your wonderful comments!


      1. Please do. I am intrigued ! But why would there be such occurrences ? Your family lived there. Its not like there is wailing and gnashing of teeth in the living. So why would those visitors come visit, just because it is left empty? But I did hear about banana trees and visitors.
        I like such tales but then I’d scare myself silly after that.

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        1. Whether they exist or not, it depends on your beliefs. I think they do. Most old folks in our country are very superstitious and they believe that once a house is abandoned for a period of time, someone moves in. My grandfather and all my aunts and uncles and cousins who lived in that house all have stories to share, not just of the house but of the area as well. I might have to summon up my courage to write these stories one day. 🙂


          1. Wow, I’d be curious about the history of the area too. Is it especially about the area that is so attractive to them? I heard about a home where the upstairs were left abandoned for the visitors while the whole family lived downstairs normally and that after the big tree outside was cut down, all returned to normal. The guy just told the story normally to me (he wasn’t obviously trying to scare me and it was also family home, grandparents or something) and I was yelling to him shut up shut up ! It was too close for comfort !

            So, if you write it, I will read it ! Brrrr!!!

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            1. The area itself has an enchanting history. I am just surprised that even in modern times, the tales still are whispered among the locals. Thank you for providing me with the inspiration to write this one (some time in the near future)! 🙂


  2. The first one. It’s like a powerful memory that comes back….you might not remember all the details but the feeling is strong. The picture reminds me of my great uncle’s ancestral house. My father used to pick mangoes in back garden when he was a boy

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