A Birthday Sunrise Treat

A few days ago, I celebrated the first few hours of my birthday working at the hospital. Midnight came and there I was passing meds and checking on my patients, playing catch up with my charting and at the same time finishing my admission. Hubby texted me at exactly midnight to greet me. Other than that, there was not much fanfare until later during the day.

Like most nurses, I was thankful I made it to the end of my shift without a patient crashing or coding. We all pray for a quiet night although no one would dare say the “Q” word out loud in fear of jinxing oneself. Busy nights are okay as it makes the shift go by faster but anything busier than several successive admissions, a rapid response or a code, is really not welcome.

So I drove home eager and excited for my day ahead, the surprise dinner my hubby planned and for the chance to stay overnight in Orlando again. Well, not really, Orlando is about an hour away from us and we’ve been there so many times that it has lost its magic and charm. Honestly, I’m really not that excited. I was dreaming more like busy airports and plane rides and exotic locations but, this time, we were being pragmatic because we were saving for our future big trip. Hence, Orlando it shall be for the time being. I can’t complain too much.

Since America moved its clocks forward for the Spring season, every time I go home, I get to drive with the sun coming up to greet the day with its soft golden rays touching the Indian River. Always a beautiful sight!

Because it was my birthday, I spontaneously made a decision to stop by one of the parks along the river and enjoy the morning views. I thought I would give myself a visual treat. I remember my birthday last year when I was working in Connecticut, cold and colorless.

Having scenery and moments like this make me think how blessed we are to be living in Florida!

(All photos taken by my phone)

19 thoughts on “A Birthday Sunrise Treat

    1. Something to do with the saying “the early bird gets the worms?” haha. I, for one, am never an early riser, the only reason I had these shots was because I worked the previous night. Thanks for the greetings!


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