Strange Moments in Motion

A young man was rushing to get to work. He just made it on time for his morning commuter train.


As the train passed by underground tunnels….


the young man sees streaks of colored lights going here, there and everywhere!IMG_2671

Finally, the young man gets off the train but it appears to be an unfamiliar hallway… are those hazy apparitions he sees?


He moves on, undaunted and unfazed by these strange lights and motions playing on his senses. Forward, he must go… and then, at the very end of the tunnel, he sees this….

Was this all a dream?


(Due to time constraints as I will be working for two more nights in a row, I had no choice but to dip in my archives. Some of the photos like the light streaks and the stream were intentional while I was experimenting with shutter speed while the rest were merely mistakes, happy that I did not delete them!)

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