Life’s a Beach!

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Had a busy weekend. A very good friend came to visit so I had to play tour guide and show her around.

This photo was taken just a few hours ago while we were having lunch at one of the restaurants overlooking the beach and the ocean. It was a pretty busy beach day alright! We had to literally fight for parking space. Yes, it was that bad.

Landscape shot and cropping done. Now, on to the next Photo 101 assignment.

7 thoughts on “Life’s a Beach!

      1. I wish I could say I can’t believe it but, let’s face it, I’ve lived in Minnesota my whole life and this is pretty normal here. We had a couple weeks where it was all gone and it was even in the 60’s on Friday…but it came back, of course! I do enjoy seeing your pictures from a warmer climate, though…that’s for sure!


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