‘Twas a Triumphant Day Indeed!

Photo 101 class is wrapping up and I have learned so much from it. From the start, I tried my very best to take daily photos with the assignments on hand but towards the end, I faltered and wavered, I ran out of ideas and time to do my daily shooting. I dipped into my archives every now and then to keep up.

Take for instance today, Triumph and Contrast, I figured in order to achieve something for it to be considered a victory, there has to be some sort of effort or process involved with it which cannot just be captured in a few hours of receiving this assignment.

Of course, I can always take a selfie to show that I am proud to have lasted this long in this class. What an accomplishment, right? Well then, we can all celebrate together this weekend.

But I want to share this story with you because this was a true triumph for me and the boys…

Once upon a time in Alaska, there were three Floridians who dreamed of fishing for salmon. They talked and planned about it for a long time. Finally, they get to the famed Russian River in the Kenai Peninsula where they get to experience first hand combat fishing. A whole day and a half they spent there, they only caught one fish, a Dolly Varden (not even salmon). One fish! The boys went home tired and disappointed.

IMG_5440 DSC07720

Moving along to the little town of Hope, they decided to fish again. This time at Resurrection Creek. This little body of water was no Russian River by any means. Family friendly, kids playing and fishing along with the big boys, it looked like a relaxing spot to fish. No pressure, no combat fishing here.IMG_5480

And then, suddenly, their luck changed. Fish after fish, snagging one after the other on their hooks. Fish on, fish on! We were all so excited. Now, we can have dinner.

After just a few hours on the water, they caught a total of nine pink salmon, three each per person as allowed by Alaskan fishing laws. Nine fresh, squirming salmon! You can see my hubby’s huge smile here, never mind the cold and wet. It was so worth it in the end.

Now, the story does not end there. After our Alaska trip, I submitted some photos to an Alaska photo contest. Although I did not win (it was a popularity contest where the photo with the most votes wins), my photo got picked to go in their travel magazine! How cool is that!!!

Life’s simple joys.ย 


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