The Flowers of Alaska (Flower Power Series 3)

Oh, Alaska! You make me want to come back and see you again. There is so much natural beauty around, so many things to experience and gaze in wonder and amazement. Everything here is just so exponentially delicate and rugged at the same time that it leaves you breathless and yet so full of life and longing.

To the lover of wilderness, Alaska is one of the most wonderful countries in the world. Β – John Muir

If I were to pick my most favorite part of our Alaskan adventure, it would have to be everything! Even that bear trip that got cancelled due to unfavorable weather conditions, even the part where I lost my Oakleys (ouch), even those times when your travel mates get so irritatingly annoying, I would still do it again with the same group of people in a heartbeat.

More Alaska stories are brewing, I promise. This is just one of them. Presenting to you my (wild) flowers, from Ketchikan to Homer.

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