Little Pockets of Bliss in Skagway

My story begins with a one week cruise and a nine day road trip on an RV along Alaska’s highways and byways with six other people. Yes, that’s right. My hubby, myself and five friends in one single RV camper. I know what you’re thinking. We are crazy!

After learning that I failed miserably at glass blowing in Skagway, the hubby and I decided to take a hike, literally, and spend some more quality time alone with nature before we rejoin the rest of our group.

Our über cool tour guide from the glass blowing activity suggested a couple of easy and short trails close to the town center and the ship ports. Alaska is never ever short on hiking trails so if you want free stuff to do, go hiking!

IMG_4672 (1)
The footbridge that led to several hiking trails in Skagway
Skagway River

It was a gorgeous day for a hike! The breeze was a little chilly for this Florida girl but the walk and midday sun made up for it. We didn’t know which trail to take so we just picked randomly and hoped there were no bears in the area.



We decided to hike to Smuggler’s Cove. Along the way, we met families with children and couples also hiking and exploring the trails. It was a rather pleasant feeling to watch kids running around and playing outdoors in the dirt instead of their electronics but then I digress.

The trail was easy with lots of shade provided by the trees. You can still see the huge cruise ships docked from a distance. A few more steps, up and down rocks and we reached the end of the almost hour-long hike. There was a picnic area with a grill and table.

It was a small cove, almost secret, hence the name. I haven’t really read anything that proved that this was actually used by smugglers in the past.



Because we weren’t ready to go back yet, it is just so beautiful out here and we still had time to hike around some more, we took the other trail to Yakutania Pt.

It was pretty much the same terrain and distance, only maybe a little bit of elevation. And more rocks and boulders. Breathtaking nonetheless!



There was an outcropping of boulders jutting out to the ocean where the waves were crashing crazily. The hubby couldn’t resist, he just had to check it out, because it was out there. The moment he turned around and started walking back, there was this huge wave that got him sprayed!  That was a fun one to watch. Too bad I didn’t capture it with my camera.


That is me, in a state of bliss. Overwhelmed and thankful for the opportunity to go on this trip.

Follow us on our wild and crazy Alaska (mis)adventures!

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More stories to come your way!

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