Wisdom from a Fortune Cookie


Mother’s Day has come and gone. Hope everyone had a good celebration. It’s funny when random strangers greet you when you don’t have any children so to be polite, I say thank you and cut the small talk. But thats just me.

My hubby and I spent the weekend quietly together after having a couple of night shifts working opposite schedules. We dined at our favorite “gourmet” Chinese restaurant after seeing that most chain restaurants had waiting times 45 minutes to an hour! I wouldn’t want to wait that long especially when starving. So, Chinese it shall be.

As you all know, the end of a meal means that you get the customary fortune cookie to which I always look forward to. Over the years, I think I may have cracked about 3 or 4 “fortunes” that I’ve really liked and you can say, one that fits my emotional state at the time being. Others are simply weird and rubbish!

There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life.

This one just struck me speechless. I have never had such sage wisdom coming from a fortune cookie! It was talking to me on a much deeper level that I felt compelled to write a post about it and hoping it will inspire others as well.

Finally, we will be traveling over the weekend (YAAY!) so I will miss my “Haiku Fridays” this week. I am hoping to catch up with my blogging (and reading yours) when we get back after a few days. I am excited because this is the first time in many years my hubby and I will be traveling aloneΒ out of the country. This does not include the Philippines of course. Most often we travel with our friends and although it can be fun and crazy in a different way, traveling with your spouse or significant other can give your relationship an instant recharging boost and that extra pep of energy needed when you have been dealing with the stress of daily life.

Hence, the quest for the infinite passion of life continues….

15 thoughts on “Wisdom from a Fortune Cookie

  1. Have a wonderful time! I think it is very important to recharge yourself as an individual and a couple. Especially when life is stressful. Traveling alone always gives us a chance to refocus on the important and fun things in life without the distractions of friends or work or ‘stuff’.

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    1. I totally agree with you. This is a much needed trip for both of us. Although this isn’t a romantic destination but I believe romance can be found even in the most strangest of places! πŸ˜‰ Thank you!


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