Week One: Vacation is over… already???

From Florida to Asheville, North Carolina, it took us over 600 miles of driving bringing along stuff necessary for us to survive the 13 weeks away from home. It was kinda hard deciding which ones to bring and which ones to leave behind. For as long as they all fit into our trusty ol’ CRV, then it comes with us. Should I bring this extra pair of shoes? What about this jacket? How about my favorite knife? Or the rice cooker? Should we bring a vacuum cleaner?

Lesson #1: Learn how to declutter your life. Pack only the ones you really need. Live simpler for less. 

Check out my past post on How to (not) Pack for Three Months: A Travel Nurse’s Life. That was our feeble attempt at trying to declutter our traveling life. Hey, its our first time!

So, we get into Asheville in time for dinner, of course, tired and hungry. The main thing on our minds, FOOD. My hubby’s precious road bikes were then hastily dropped off inside our new temporary home for security while the rest of our belongings will have to be unpacked later when we have the energy to do so.

Nourished properly hours later, we start the arduous task of unloading and unpacking. Up and down we go as fast as we can before it got dark. We finished just in time and now the living room is one big clutter. Hubby is tired and wants to chill. Yes, that can wait till tomorrow. We spend our first night here in the woods.


The next day we find out that hubby lost his keys to his bike lock and I lost one of my bracelets! A frantic search ensues to no avail. From last night’s craziness, we could have dropped it accidentally to who knows where. Now, he has to wait for the owner to lend him a tool to cut the lock off. If we had brought that bolt cutter along, this wouldn’t have been a problem. And I have to learn to just let go of my favorite bracelet.

Lesson #2: Learn to let go of things you have no control over. It happened already. Be more careful next time. 

Daylight comes and we find out our new temporary home wasn’t as clean as we liked it to be. Blame it on our health care professions but we like our floors, carpets and kitchen stuff  “surgically” clean. Should we just get that $50 cleaning fee back then? So, in addition to purchasing just regular groceries for food and other personal necessities, we ended up buying cleaning materials too. The most important thing we ended up getting, BUG SPRAY!

Living in the woods has its advantages and disadvantages. True, it is peaceful, quiet and green. And yet you tend to forget its tiny denizens living in almost every nook and cranny of this space that is originally theirs to begin with. I wish there was some way to really keep them out from OUR space too because as much as I hate killing them (DONT hate me!), once they cross that boundary, they’re either squished (which is very seldom because I hate stepping on them and hearing that crunch, EW!) or drowned in bug spray. Sorry.

Lesson #3: When looking for a home/apartment, always take into consideration your neighbors, big AND small alike. 

Talking about neighbors, on our first few days here, hubby already got called out by our elderly upstairs neighbor who knocked on our door one night and told us to turn down the volume! Such a bummer! The disadvantages of not having your own space and living in an old home with no sound proofing at all. Hubby got so upset by this because he already is missing out on his TV (this place does not have cable) and then this guy just basically told us that we can’t watch TV at all! Well, we really could but whats the use of having speakers when you can’t use it. And besides, hubby likes his volume loud. I guess its a man thing. To make matters worse, he is already stressing out on me stressing out over the critters and creepy crawlies.

Lesson #4: See lesson #3 above. 

Lesson #5: We can either chose to be unhappy in our new environment and be miserable the rest of the 13 weeks or learn to just go with the flow and adapt to everything else and be happy.

You know what we chose.

See you in Week Two!!!

6 thoughts on “Week One: Vacation is over… already???

  1. But living in the woods sounds like such an adventure! (despite the small critters, of course).
    I hope all becomes better as your adjust to your new living space.
    I’d be all over the old factor of the house, though, I love old architecture!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The house was built in the 1970s so it still has retained some of its charm however the sound proofing is nonexistent (we can hear our elderly neighbors upstairs) so I’m afraid we will have to get used to hearing them during the day time when we sleep coming from work, or wear ear plugs!
      Living here is indeed a mini adventure by itself as we have to completely adapt and adjust to being renters once again after having lived in our own home for years. The critters are a different story though! 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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