Week Two: Getting to Know You

Now that all our bags are unpacked and other odds and ends are in their rightful place in our new temporary home in Asheville, we jump right in to business.


The hospital has scheduled 2 days of general orientation with the other travelers where we sit in a cold room listening to the facilitator tell us about what to do and what not to do in our short 13 week stay here. Also included are the dreaded computer charting classes where everything is explained to us short cut and fast forward, like they expect us travel nurses to be so smart and absorb everything we have just been taught in two days.

But thats the nature of the game. Travel nursing is fun but you got to be a quick learner and a super flexible one at that too! You have to go with the flow and when in doubt, always, always ask questions. You are only there for three months so what took a regular new nurse three to six months to learn, you have to in just one week.

Floor orientation for me was only two nights while hubby has three day shift orientations. I start working on my own two days from now. We’ll see how that goes. At least, the staff I have met for the past nights seemed friendly and approachable. The only real hurdle for me is to figure out the computer charting and how not to get lost in the maze of rooms and finding out where everything is located. Taking care of patients remain the same everywhere you go, only the hospital policies are different.

Just taking this one shift at a time…

In the meantime, here are pretty “black eyed susans” I found on the way to orientation class. Don’t they just make you happy?


4 thoughts on “Week Two: Getting to Know You

  1. I hear Asheville is a beautiful place. I admire your ability to adapt so quickly. As a nurse who has worked in a couple of different cities, I know that can be tricky sometimes. Enjoy your adventure!

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    1. Asheville is one of our favorite cities ever! There is so much to do and see here. Your options are endless (food, beer/wine, outdoors, festivals). That is why we chose to work here. Thanks for the compliment! Are you a travel nurse too?


  2. Wow, I’ve been missing a few blogging posts too, what with a lot going on in the summer, vacations etc… But I’m back. So where did I miss that you were going to be a Travel Nurse? I sure did miss that post, and I see you are already in N.C. Bravo, you’ve jumped into the great unknown, I admire you both. If ever your travels take you our way, would love to meet up. 🙂

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