Week Four: Meeting New Friends

Now that we are starting to feel a little bit at home in our new temporary environment, work has become less stressful, our daily schedule is almost falling into place, and we’ve made friends with the bugs outside, the next step is to start socializing.

It helps a lot that the staff are friendly and warm as I mentioned in my previous post.Β They offer to help and ask if you are doing okay. They talk to you and tell you that they are glad you’re here to help them out. They include you in their Chinese food trip nights. And to a travel nurse, that is music to her ears. Makes the thirteen weeks so much more bearable (not that this is unbearable to me right now) and go by fast.

Due to the nature of the job, we are expected to hit the floor running on day one or two. We are expected to know a lot of things, do a lot of things and in some cases, are given the worst patients and worst schedules! We are supposed to be super flexible and tough. We are supposed to just grin it and bear it. You get paid more money anyway than the regular staff nurse. Huh?

Super nurse anyone?

But the truth is, travel nursing is so much more than that. I am not a seasoned travel nurse yet. This is only my second assignment. I have yet to learn so many things and have to undergo I’m sure a lot of trials and mistakes. My first travel experience had such a huge impact in my life that I am forever changed!

But I digress here. I was talking about my 4th week and socializing.

So, yes my husband had two invitations already from his ICU peeps to hang out and I had one. Might I keep score? Maybe. This is getting to be fun. I’ve encouraged my husband to go (without me) because he needs somebody else to talk to aside from just me. You know, guy stuff. I know he misses his old friends in Florida so he can always give this a shot, literally and figuratively. What has he got to lose?

Besides, there is always beer. In Asheville, you never run out of beer.



10 thoughts on “Week Four: Meeting New Friends

  1. Ahh, the most important part in my opinion. Glad you are taking time out to make friends and catch up. I admire both of you and your jobs, it can’t be easy, but you make it happen. Bravo! Now if it were my hubby, he would not wait, he loves meeting strangers in a pub like atmosphere :). He grew up in England, so was always rubbing shoulders with the locals. I’m happy to say that now that we’ve moved closer to the city, we have so many pubs around us (compared to where we lived in the suburbs), and he’s made a ton of friends. I hope you both make just as many, by the sounds of it, you are both pretty outgoing and easy to get along with.

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    1. My hubby is the extrovert, I’m the opposite. I’m quite content to be just by myself with my books, my art and my internet connection! πŸ™‚ But I can be social too when needed. Thank God, it isn’t too hard to make friends here in the hospital. People are friendly to begin with and that helps a lot. So are you and your hubby opposites too?


  2. It usually took me about 6 weeks to ‘get my grove on’ in a new travel assignment. Each place has challenges and benefits, good luck, hope they aren’t too hard on you, sometimes you really do get the worst assignment and the worst schedule. Like you said in asheville…can’t run out of beer, we love visiting there it’s only about an hour and a half from our place, we always hit up early girl eatery, wicked weed brewery, the thirsty monk is all belgian beers downstairs and of course the coffee bus πŸ˜‰ Have fun! You aren’t far from Greenville, SC, so when you feel like you did everything in asheville (which i doubt will happen) you can always check out another great downtown not far away! Also if you like hiking, dupont state park is worth the trip, great waterfalls.

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    1. Aha! We’ve been to the Wicked Weed but haven’t been to the rest. Hubby has been itching to go to the Thirsty Monk (and all the one hundred ninety nine other breweries in town!). Lol! I agree with you as to “getting the grove on” in a travel assignment. I’m surprised I’ve adjusted quite early here, maybe because the staff are just so friendly and helpful and that the hospital over all is known to be traveler friendly. As for Greenville, we really might end up visiting because I have a cousin who lives there.


  3. I’ll be in Asheville next weekend for a Bachelorette party! Let me know if you have any recommendations so far! Travel nurses are definitely super nurses. It’s tough! But I miss it!


    1. There’s lots to do here. If you are into beer, there’s lots of breweries. There’s also lots of good restos downtown. I think you like hiking if I remember one of your posts before. Check out Dupont State Park, Sliding Rock and Looking Glass Falls. Also, if you have time, visit the Biltmore Mansion. For yummy dessert and coffee, try French Broad Chocolates. Let me know if you need specifics. And yes, we ARE super nurses! πŸ˜‰ Hope the pregnancy is going along well.


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