Week Nine: Connected

In today’s modern world, it is so easy to stay connected. Email, text, phone call, FaceTime, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, you name it. There is almost no excuse for not getting in touch with someone, unless you simply refuse to do so, maybe because of plain laziness or because you just don’t have enough time in your crazy schedule or perhaps, the other person does not want to be “found” at all and would like to remain a recluse to be left alone by everyone and their gadgets.

Being and staying connected is almost tantamount to breathing to some people. People rely on connectivity and wifi and hotspots that a lack of would cause quite a panic in a few. Sounds utterly shallow but believe me, being connected is important too.

And when I say being connected, I certainly do not mean just the internet and all the techie stuff that come with it. I am talking about the real stuff. The human stuff. The emotional rewards that go with being and staying connected with real live human beings.

Why am I talking about being connected on week nine? Well, let’s just say that over the weekend, I had the chance to hang out with my cousins. They are originally from California but relocated to South Carolina for personal reasons and also to be closer to my cousin’s husband’s family. My cousin also has a younger sister (also my cousin, yes of course) from San Francisco who happened to be visiting her that weekend.

Because of that occasion, it was a perfect time for a mini family reunion. We drove about an hour to meet them at downtown Greenville. They took us to see all the pretty sights there was to see and then had dinner. There wasn’t much fanfare involved but it was a great night to be connected with family. I don’t have any immediate family here in the United States so I surely wouldn’t miss this chance to do so. We didn’t stay out too long though because we still have to drive back to Asheville and it was getting close to midnight. But we did get to see their new home and took home some moonpie for dessert!

2015-09-01 22.16.03
Reedy River Falls, Greenville, SC

And then when I thought my family affair was over, the next day, my other cousin (the one visiting) announced that she can drive over to Asheville to hang with us for dinner! I was quite amazed that she was willing to drive the distance and happy at the same time. By all means, we informed her beforehand that she can crash at our place if she wants to.

It was time to play tourist guide once again. Downtown Asheville is always the easiest to take people to. There are always lots of options. You can find out more fun stuff to do here. And because it was a Sunday, there weren’t that many people around, which was a good thing. Take note.

We had an amazing tapas dinner at Zambra and then went to the usual beer jaunt at the Wicked Weed. Before my cousin drove home, we made sure she had coffee and sweets to go from French Broad Chocolate Lounge. She made it safe and sound an hour later. It is times like these that make me wish I had a sister. *sigh*

So this week was about family time and how important they are. No matter how near or far they may be, always make some time for them. And by family, they don’t have to be related by blood, you can call a very close friend, family too. Now this is where your gadgets may come in handy. Keep those fingers busy.

Do you try to keep in touch with your family?

5 thoughts on “Week Nine: Connected

  1. I know exactly what you mean, it is so hard when you don’t have family around. When our girls were growing up, all our vacations were in Canada and England and once to Australia to visit immediate family. I guess what I miss most is our girls having grandmothers, Aunts, cousins around. But I think it makes us much more open to creating families and friendships that one can adopt. For instance for Thanksgiving, we always invite “strays” at our table, folks who have no families in the area. So glad you got to spend time with your cousins and make some memories. Great photos as always!

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    1. Family is who you chose to become close to, does not have to be blood related. Yes, we have been “strays” too adopted by this warm loving American elderly couple and his son who is my hubby’s buddy from work. We have spent every Thanksgiving day with them since we moved to this country but it will be a first for us this coming Thanksgiving without them, since we will be here in Asheville for work. You are doing a whole lotta good with those people you spend Thanksgiving with. Keep up the good work! I’m sure you prepare a sumptuous feast too! Thank you for stopping by Loretta 🙂


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