Week Ten: After the Gran Fondo, Now What?

I haven’t posted anything in a long time. I have been so behind on my weekly travel nursing updates that I feel like my blog has gone into hibernation. Maybe, this is just one of those “blogger’s block” spells one encounters once in a while. Maybe, because I’m just too busy with Asheville. Maybe, I’m just a lousy blogger.

Tonight, I had to literally force myself to sit down and continue writing this Week Ten post which I started a few weeks ago and was just sitting in my drafts folder patiently waiting for me to notice it and pick it up again. It is actually Week Twelve now in real time and I have been tempted to just lump it all up into one post. Will I be able to ever catch up? Is my enthusiasm to write going to last me for a few more weeks?

Looking at my stats (yes, I admit I do that as some of you may do too), it closely resembles that of an atrial flutter, nurse’s lingo here and that means that it is abnormal! Needs some sort of rapid response treatment otherwise this blog would flatline and I don’t want that to happen (yet?) so I need some quick resuscitation efforts. And I think one of which is forcing myself to sit and write. Find my space again. If not for my “Haiku Fridays”, my blog wouldn’t probably survive this lull. 

On the other hand, it is also exciting to say that our travel contract is almost over and I can see the end coming up around the bend. Woot woot! But wait, did I tell you the real reason why we chose Asheville as OUR first travel assignment together?

Let’s get back to the meat of this post.

The Gran Fondo. It is a type of long-distance road bicycle race, in which riders are individually chip timed and have the right of way at all intersections. The original race was held in Italy. Today, different versions of the original one is held all over the world. (source: Wikipedia)

I don’t know if I have mentioned in the past that my hubby is an avid road biker. His bikes are his first  second love. Notice a rivalry here now? He has biked thousands of miles in Florida, New York and Asheville.

New York 5 Borough Bike Race

If I wasn’t limiting the number of races he would join, he would probably join ALL OF THEM! But, he has to spend time with me first and foremost. That is the deal we made when he bought his first bike. You know men when left alone to their big boy toys, they can be lost in their own world forever.

So, technically this post isn’t really about me, this is about him conquering the Gran Fondo Asheville the second time around.

The first time he did it was last year and he trained for months back home in Florida. And you know what North Carolina has that Florida doesn’t have? Mountains. So even if he biked all the bridges and causeways available to him, it still wouldn’t do to prepare himself for the real mountains of North Carolina. Don’t forget the altitude is a whole different ballgame too. Thankfully, I was able to convince him not to do the 100 miles.

Asheville Gran Fondo, 2014

He finished the 60 miles, safely, thank God, but not without suffering from severe cramps twice that he was close to pulling out from the race if not for the poor AT&T reception high up in the Blue Ridge mountains, he would have called for help and would not have finished it. But because there was no cellphone service, he had no choice but to keep on going. How’s that for motivation!

After that, he was determined to do another Gran Fondo. So this year, he decided he wanted to do the Asheville race all over again and was aiming to do the 100 miler.

July comes and we decide to start a new life by travel nursing together and then, bam, which state should we go to first? North Carolina, of course. As luck would have it, there was also a job available for both of us. It became a no brainer. The race was scheduled in Asheville in August, what perfect time!

So he got introduced (again) and got well acquainted with the hills and valleys of the Blue Ridge mountains. He loved doing his thing that the stress of the new job and new environment didn’t affect him as much. That is why I have this love-hate relationship with his bikes. He gets recharged and de-stressed when he is on the road flying on his bike that when he comes home, he is ready to do anything for and with me. I guess the man’s gotta have his me time too!

Minutes just before the race started. Gran Fondo Asheville 2015

He changed his mind the day before the race and decided to do the 60 miles instead. Whatever he wants, I support him all the way. Who am I to question his physical and mental readiness, much less all the bike technicalities that come with it. All I know is that I will be there with him at the starting line and will be proudly waiting for him at the finish line. No cramps this time.

And that my friends, is what marriage is all about.

Gran Fondo Asheville 2015

So, what do you think?

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