Week Thirteen: We are on our final stretch!

We have been in Asheville since July and now, our work-vacation is almost over. Technically, our travel nurse contract is only for 13 weeks. But for purposes of blogging our travel nurse (mis)adventures, I started posting weekly updates a week before our contract actually started so it will be 14 weeks total (and that means next week will be the last!) of working, living and playing in Asheville.

I do this to force myself to write and keep up with the blogosphere. Sometimes, it is so nice to just forget about “That Traveling Nurse” and go on with the real world but I have invested so much time and effort into this blog that to leave my baby is unthinkable as of the moment. Not saying that this isn’t my real world too because my stories and photographs are all a part of my experiences, of my existence. Without my real world, there wouldn’t be this blog to begin with.

But I digress. Yes, our 14 weeks in Asheville is now coming to an end. We are ready to head back home to Florida and have some beach time!!! I really do miss Florida’s crazy warm weather with the 30 minute afternoon thunderstorms, the (shark infested) beaches, the fresh seafood and most of all, my bed. And the dishwasher. And dare I say it, cable TV. Ack!


You really don’t know what you’re missing until you go away. The little insignificant things you take for granted become such a big deal for you now. The feel of sand in between your toes, the easy access of having two vehicles, working washing machines, super fast wifi, bug-free homes, the list is endless.

But you know what? All these seemingly minor inconveniences bring out the best (or worst) in us. It brought us together and our marriage closer. We learned how to live simply for less with all our belongings that we needed for three months squished into the back of our Honda CRV. We learned how to improvise, how to make do with what is available. We learned how to entertain ourselves on our days off without involving electronics and gadgets. We learned some more on how to work with our differences, that you can still love each other even if you are annoyed to no end.

Professionally, we both grew as nurses. Travel nursing is a whole different kind of nursing. We still take care of sick people but we have to learn to be independent almost right away and be expected to hit the ground running. If you’re lucky, the staff will like you. If you’re not, then be prepared to work alone for 13 weeks. Every facility, every place is different. And you are expected to adapt otherwise you drown. It pushes you to your limits sometimes and then you question why. Why did I leave my comfortable job back home? Why did I leave my safe bubble? Why did I leave everything familiar?

One more week to go and I guess I can then completely answer those questions in my next post after some deep soul searching. Only until then can we both find out if this “gig” is truly for us.

See you next week!!!

5 thoughts on “Week Thirteen: We are on our final stretch!

    1. That is so true Jeff. And what’s more, you also have the option to extend your assignment (for however number of weeks you like) if you feel like you still haven’t explored all the nooks and crannies of the place. In our case, since we love Asheville this much, we are extending for seven more weeks. I am looking forward to this one because we get to see the famous changing of the leaves. It is supposed to be gorgeous here in fall! After which we plan to head back home to Florida for the winter season (no freezing weather for this girl!) and wait on our next out of state contract. 😉


    1. You are most welcome! There are times when I get so behind on my blogging due to either laziness or bec there is just so much to do when you are traveling that sitting on your computer and writing is the last thing on your mind. But I realized that I really do need to blog because there are times when I do need an outlet to vent or simply just share my experiences. Thank you so much for your kind words Paula! 🙂

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