Week Fourteen: Don’t Rain on my Parade!

Our last week in Asheville. And it’s raining.

Looking back when we first started out here, we have definitely come a long way, both professionally and individually. After all the initial stress and adjustments we had to do, I can’t believe we made it all the way still standing strong and with our sanity intact. And its not even officially the end of this contract yet because we like it here so much that we are extending for seven more weeks!

That’s right. Seven more glorious weeks in Asheville. In Autumn. Do you see where I’m going next?

The Leaves. The North Carolina mountains are famous for the fall leaf color show that they turned it into a whole different kind of science with leaf forecasts and predictions, which area goes first and which one goes last. Oh, the photos I will take!

Here is a sneak preview of what is soon to come. It is only September and the leaves are already changing.

In the meantime, we drive back home to Florida next week for a couple of days. Packing has already commenced and our cozy little rental is already a mess of luggages, clothes, boxes, books, paperwork, kitchen stuff.

We were supposed to have our last hike last week but then it started to rain. And rain and rain. And it never stopped raining and weather forecasts predict rain until next week. No outdoor activities for this nurse! What a bummer! So I was stuck at home for three days on my day off doing nothing. Not really, but you know what I mean. I was never a rain and cloud kinda girl. It gets me depressed and lethargic and moody. Gloomy weather never did me any good. My hubby thinks I have seasonal affective disorder, whatever, so what, I need my sun and blue skies. Going home is the perfect remedy.

Our last week in Asheville and it rained.

8 thoughts on “Week Fourteen: Don’t Rain on my Parade!

    1. The people here don’t bother sweeping or cleaning up kay its useless, the leaves just keep on falling. haha. They just either wait for the snow to cover it up or leave it on the ground to decompose naturally. Dili uso ang mag daub diri! I, for one, can’t stand looking at all the leaves on the road/yard/everywhere! Its just too messy for me. So I just look up and appreciate all the beautiful fall colors. πŸ™‚

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  1. Oh gosh, the leaves are just beautiful, and I can only imagine what will be in store as the weeks march forward. Strange, but we have not had much color here and we are further up north. So are you really going to move? Where to this time? I’ve enjoyed your posts and your pictures are just drop dead gorgeous. Our 10 day trip last week was to Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans. Unfortunately I don’t think I will be blogging about it, but it was the most amazing time. It was a musical journey of sorts, just so much to see and do.

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    1. Its not really considered a move, maybe a temporary one every 13 weeks! It’s the nature of the job.:) So after this week we will be back home in Florida for a couple of days and then come back to Asheville for another 7 more weeks. Its the gypsy lifestyle. πŸ™‚ North Carolina is known for its beautiful fall foliage because of the mountains. I will for sure be monitoring and blogging about it. How was Nashville? We are planning to visit that place in the next couple of weeks. Musical journey eh. That sounds like fun. Would have loved to hear more about it. But then again, some experiences are best kept to yourselves. πŸ˜‰


  2. Automne is indeed a bliss.. I love when it rains and it s misty too, only when I dont have to leave the house, have enough green tea and black chocolate and a great book…

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