Home is where your heart is

After a grueling 11 hour night drive, we are finally back home in Florida! What normally would have been a ten hour drive took us an extra hour because we had to take a detour to avoid I-95 due to some road closures as a result of the flooding in South Carolina brought about by Hurricane Joaquin. After days of non stop rain, the dams in South Carolina just gave way causing billions of damage to nearby areas, including the closure of certain parts of I-95.

So it was Plan B for us as we looked for alternate routes to bring us home. Despite our sleepless state, we decided to start driving in the afternoon. Having worked the previous night shift, we were only able to muster 3 hours of daytime sleep the most, which is not really ideal to be driving long hours but we were just so excited to go home that nothing could stop us. Once on the road, there was lesser traffic which made for good driving. Lots of water, coffee, loud music and conversations were needed to keep the driver awake, of course.

But, once we arrived, boy, the feeling of being at your own place was simply pure joy. What a relief to walk into a clean house (our friend did an impressive job maintaining it. Thank God for good friends!!!) albeit the lack of food in the refrigerator. Who needs food at 4 am anyway? We went straight to bed after changing the sheets and woke up feeling so refreshed, though I think I needed more sleep than that, but I had a doctor’s appointment after lunch so I had to be ready.

After a few minutes of reorienting myself to where things where, yes, I needed a bit of reminding where my “home clothes” drawer was, where the coffee was stashed, which light switch works for what light and a few others, my hubby and I quickly settled in to our usual routines. It felt so good sitting in my patio the next day!

So good that I am not even thinking about going back yet, not even touched my bags yet, not even looked at all the laundry that needed to be done…

For now, I am home. 


5 thoughts on “Home is where your heart is

  1. I felt exactly the same when I got back from a recent 10-day vacation. Even if I didn’t do any driving, I can totally identify with your anticipation and excitement of going back home. And yes, it felt weird that I’d to get re-familiarized with small things at home (the switches definitely) Lol!

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