What happens when plans fail?

When things don’t go your way.

What happens when your dreams are dashed?

When they have to be put on hold.

What happens when misfortune hits?

When it puts you down on your knees.

What happens when your world is grey?

When all you see is blur from your tear-stained eyes.

What happens when it all seems unfair?

When you think the Universe is conspiring against you.

What happens when God speaks?

When you are not there to listen.

Stop. Breathe. Trust.

This too shall pass. 


14 thoughts on “Derailed

  1. Aww, beautiful poem, so thought-provoking! I hope nothing too bad? Gorgeous photograph, I also love the new look on your blog. I’ve been thinking of switching too, but am too afraid to press any buttons that I might accidentally erase it all LOL! I’m actually looking for a theme that will display my pictures in a better way, I think my theme is too limited.

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    1. Just a couple of curve balls thrown our way this time… nothing too bad. We have to stop travel nursing for awhile and stay put. Not good for my restless spirit but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do! This photo was taken at Turnagain Arm in Alaska where everywhere you turn is gorgeous! I wanted to change my header and tweaked some things here and there. There might be more changes to come, who knows. I remember when I was looking for a theme, it took me a couple of hours comparing until I pared them down to ten then five. hehe.. I had it down to a science and listed its pros and cons. 😛 You can do it too! Thank you so much for your lovely presence here today Loretta! Keep warm!


  2. Hope you ll soon be all fine very very soon. You’ll be rocking and rolling before you know it my friend ❤ Take good good care and many good vibes from your hometown

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    1. Writing helps me process my thoughts and the things going on in my life. I’m glad to have discovered blogging. Even if no one reads my posts, just writing itself frees up those negative emotions inside me and makes me feel a little bit better. Thank you!

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