The Big Two!!!

Guess what? That Traveling Nurse is now TWO YEARS OLD!!!

Here I am minding my own business when I happened to see that WordPress notified me of my anniversary. Wow, 2 years already?!? I completely lost track of time. Well… not really, last week I did remember that I was nearing my anniversary and was thinking of writing something down but then totally forgot about it. So now I am sorta forced to come up with something. You gotta celebrate your birthday somehow, right? Thank God for WordPress reminders!

A lot has happened since my very first post. Inspired by that seemingly “out of this world” trip and also from reading other travel blogs, I had this insane idea to start a blog. Why not? With my head stuck in clouds, and a heart full of dreams, I started writing and writing and publishing and publishing. I still haven’t written THE post that went viral. I still don’t have a million followers. I still am not earning anything from this. No, far from that. Those weren’t really my goals. In fact, they still aren’t. I am not a good enough blogger to be a smashing hit overnight. I don’t write for publicity nor are my posts controversial. Though it would be nice earning a little extra money from this… hmm… just a thought.

What I do know is,Β IΒ write from my heart, from where my passion starts. I write about everyday things, my feelings, my love for travel and photography, my life as a nurse, my world at the moment. I write about things that inspire me, help me become the person I am today. I write about when things aren’t too well but I do try not to reveal too much because I don’t want my pain and hurt broadcast for the whole world to read. And then it becomes my catharsis. My well of healing.

This post doesn’t really have a “plot”, so to speak. I am somehow rambling here. But this is my way of celebrating my 2nd year in the blogosphere. I am having my cake and eating it too! Blogging newbie no more!

Thank you my friends for staying and reading!!! And to your comments too, I love them! Keep ’em coming. Cheers to our blog lives!!!



12 thoughts on “The Big Two!!!

  1. Congratulations on yet another milestone Belle. I truly enjoy your posts and your ramblings. Like you, I do not look for extra followers, nor how many hits I’ve had in a day. But rather I enjoy meeting folks like you on a virtual level, I enjoy your photography, your zest for life and your travel adventures. Keep it up, I look forward to many more posts from you. My 2 year anniversary will be up in a couple of months too. Where has all that time gone eh? Well done!

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    1. Time flies when you’re having fun surely. hehe. I admit I was close to just quitting my blog, like those times when I am too busy with work or those times when I am just feeling down and in no mood to write at all. But then, I think about it and realize that my blog has somehow helped me deal with the things life has thrown our way. And so, I write on…. Thank you so very much for sticking it out with me and for your very kind words! Much appreciated. I wish you an advance 2 year blogsary too!!! More glorious food for you to come Loretta! Weeee! πŸ™‚


    1. Hello there fellow nurse! I appreciate you stopping by. I hope you’ll stick around as I mostly ramble around and try to make sense of my so called life. Thank you very much for following and best of luck to your blogging! πŸ™‚


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